Homer's "Odyssey" Party Ideas

by Sheila Zahra

Homer's famous work of literature, "The Odyssey," is full of inspiration for party themes, decorations and costumes. The epic poem includes various characters, settings and events that can be characterized as ancient Greek or mythological. If you have ever heard of Poseidon, the Sirens, or the Trojan War, you know a little bit about "The Odyssey." But you definitely don't need to read the entire book in order to get a few good party ideas.

The Greek Gods

Have guests dress as gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, and Poseidon. Decorate the rooms in the regalia of the gods, including gold and silver plates and goblets. Serve fruit, meat, wine and other "ancient" foods. If the party has servers or bartenders, have them wear togas.

The Sea

The sea is a major part of "The Odyssey." An Odyssey sea theme would have to include Poseidon, the god of the sea, and the Sirens, who lured sailors into danger with their irresistible songs. Mermaids could also be appropriate since they are a lot like Sirens. With a sea theme, decorations might include water, ancient boats, seaweed, seashells, sand and fish. You could serve seafood and use dishes that go along with the theme.

The Trojan War

The Trojan War and the Trojan Horse represent a mythological war from "The Odyssey" and so can be a fun party theme. The Trojan Horse was a large wooden structure made to seem like a sculpture for the enemy and given as a truce. But it in fact held soldiers who broke out of the horse after it had been enclosed in the enemy's city. A tricky prank is always a fun party theme. Construct a decorative Trojan Horse and have guests dress as soldiers, sailors, and ancient Greeks. Include ancient Greek music and show the movie "Troy."


In addition to the gods and goddesses and the major human characters, "The Odyssey" features many mythical creatures. Sirens are described as bird-like female creatures who sing an eerie tune to lure sailors. The Cyclops is described as a giant, one-eyed creature. Your party could then easily include other creatures from Greek mythology such as Minotaurs, Medusa and Cerberus. Have guests dress up as their favorite character or creature.

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