Homemade Wedding Invitations for a Bridal Party

by Christine LaFleur
Make your own invitations for your bridal party.

Make your own invitations for your bridal party.

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If you love arts and crafts and creative writing, you might enjoy making homemade invitations for your bridal party. Homemade invitations can be more special than invitations ordered from a stationery service because of the personal style you add to them. Plus, the customized touch of your homemade invitations can set a memorable tone for the wedding experience.

Card Stock Invitations

There are all sorts of pre-made kits that come with the card stock already cut to the appropriate sizes for invitations. Use a computer program to design the layout of your invitation wording and add a photo of you and your fiance to personalize it. Once you print the wording onto the card stock, assemble the invitations and accent them with ribbons.

Magnet Invitations

Magnet invites are great for making "Save the Dates" that will remind your bridesmaids of your wedding every time they open their refrigerator door. Make your own magnet invitations by buying printable magnet sheets or printable magnet kits designed specifically for wedding invitations. Design your invitation layout on a computer and print it on the magnets. Use a regular sheet of paper to test the print of your design before you begin printing on the magnets. Magnet sheets will allow you to print several invitations on one sheet and then cut them apart individually.

Handwritten Invitations

With so many people using computers to print everything, handwritten invitations are very rare. Stand out from the crowd by writing your own wedding invitations on elegant stationery that matches your wedding theme. If you are a skilled calligraphist, write your invitation with a calligraphy pen to dress up the look. If you are not experienced with calligraphy, use your best cursive writing instead.

Rubber Stamp Invitations

Dress up your invitations with rubber stamps instead of printed designs. Look for one or two rubber stamps at your local craft store that fit your wedding theme and personality. Get a pad or two of ink in a color that will match your invitations. Print or hand write your invitation wording on decorative card stock and use the rubber stamp to add whimsical and decorative elements to each invitation. Rubber stamp in the same spot on every invitation to keep the look uniform or make each invitation distinct by stamping different sections of each invitation.

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