Homemade Wedding Invitation Cards

by Kyra Sheahan

If you are the crafty type -- or accidentally went over your wedding budget and need to trim down some of the expenses -- making wedding invitation cards at home is a good way to add a personalized touch to your special day. Design your invitations to reflect your and your soon-to-be-spouse's vision for the wedding, such as the color scheme, formality and setting. And get an early start on this DIY project, since wedding invitations should be mailed out six to eight weeks before your wedding date.

Photograph Postcard Invitations

If traditional stationary is not your style, print out pictures of you and your fiance -- or take an image from your engagement photo session -- and use the photograph as the main attraction on your invitation. Flip the image over and reserve the space on the back for the details of the wedding. Turn this into a postcard and save on the envelope, or pack the simple invitations into envelopes for protection when mailing.


A simple way to embellish a wedding invitation to make it your own is to print out the details of your wedding onto white card stock, leaving half of the card at the top blank. This "white space" is then filled in with an ink add-on in the form of a stamp, or buttons that you glue to the page. Grey and yellow circular stamps can give your invitation a modern feel, while buttons can make your invitations look more vintage.

Embossing Kits

Embossing is the process of raising and glossing the ink so that it sticks up from the card stock. Your homemade wedding invitation cards can look more professional and spruced up when you use an embossing kit for the font. If you don't want to emboss the whole invitation, you can select to just emboss your names, just the wedding date or anything else you like.


Use fabric for your invitation and glue it to the back of card stock so that it holds up. A stenciled handkerchief has all the information you would put on a traditional invitation, but looks artsy. You can also use fabric to create a trim around the border of your card stock invitation cards, or make your own ribbons to tie around the invitation that goes with your color scheme.

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