Homemade Total Isolation Gaming Pod

by Amanda Gaddis
An isolation pod is a great way to game without interruptions.

An isolation pod is a great way to game without interruptions.

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Want to enjoy your video games without suffering through constant interruptions or bothering your friends and family? Think about making a total isolation gaming pod. Gaming pods are enclosed spaces set up just for gamers that have a computer or console, a comfortable chair and a way to close out the world while you get your game on. A total isolation pod has a space for everything the hardcore gamer needs, and you can make one at home.


The first thing is to make sure your pod will have enough space for you to sit comfortably. If you have a favorite gaming chair, measure the width of your chair and add at least 10 inches to this measurement to get the width of your pod. Then sit down in your chair and get someone to measure how tall you and the chair are. Add a foot to this measurement, and you have the height of your gaming pod. Take some time to sketch out how your pod will be set up.

Enclosed Space

The first place to start when making a total isolation gaming pod is to find or make the enclosed space. Believe it or not, freestanding cabinets can be perfect for this. Look for a large entertainment cabinet with doors and removable shelves at thrift stores or furniture stores. You can also build your pod yourself out of plywood or use a closet.


It's very important to have a comfortable chair for playing video games. You need a chair that offers support but also has soft cushions so you can relax and get into the game. A rolling desk chair can be great for a gamer pod as long as it fits in the space. You can also build a support for softer chairs like bean bag chairs.


A gaming pod isn't a gaming pod without the game. When building your homemade isolation pod, you need to have shelves for your monitor or TV and your console or computer. Test out the height of the shelves and the space between the monitor and your chair to make sure you can have a good view of the game. Also, don't forget that games need power. If you're building a freestanding cabinet pod, you might have to drill holes in one wall for electrical cords.


The whole point of a total isolation gaming pod is to get away from distractions or protect your housemates from the noise of your game. When building your pod, make sure you have doors of solid wood. If you're using a closet, you can hang curtains inside the doors or around the walls to block noise and light. Heavy fabric or black out curtains work best for this.

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