Homemade Tarantulas for Halloween

by Chelsea Oliver
Make a yarn version of this spooky spider for Halloween.

Make a yarn version of this spooky spider for Halloween.

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Halloween is an exciting time for young children that involves costumes, treats and staying up late. Making Halloween decorations is the perfect late-October art activity for students to get them excited and involved in the upcoming holiday. Spiders are creepy insects often associated with Halloween; kids will enjoy making scary tarantula decorations to hang from ceilings and doorways.


The base of your homemade tarantula will be made from brown yarn. While most Halloween spider crafts involve the color black, tarantulas are a brown type of spider. You will also need white craft glue and water, which are used to stiffen the yarn, as well as waxed paper, a baking sheet, a small bowl, a spoon, scissors and a ruler. A toothpick, super glue and googly eyes are needed to complete the homemade tarantula.


Measure and cut eight 4-inch pieces of brown yarn; these will form the tarantula's legs. Mix 1 tbsp of water with 2 tbsp. of white craft glue in a small bowl and add the sections of brown yarn, submerging them until they are completely covered in the mixture. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and place the pieces of yarn on top; remove the extra glue on the tarantula legs so that it is not dripping off. Bend each piece of brown yarn in the same places to create knees and feet. Wrap the brown yarn around one of your fingers several times and remove it. Continue to wrap the yarn around itself until a small ball has formed, which is the tarantula's head. Dip the head in the glue mixture and set it on the waxed paper. Repeat this step but use two fingers to create a larger ball, which is the tarantula's body. Allow the glue to dry completely before using super glue to attach the small yarn ball to the large yarn ball. Use a toothpick to make holes in the sides of the tarantula for the legs, which can be inserted into the holes and secured with super glue. Glue googly eyes to the tarantula's head and, if desired, use shades of brown paint to mimic a tarantula's markings.

Variations and Uses

In addition to hanging this homemade tarantula Halloween decoration from ceilings and doorways, which can be done using string or clear fishing wire, you can also use it as a centerpiece or table decoration at home, in the classroom or during a holiday event. Change the look of this homemade tarantula by choosing yarn of a different color; black is traditional, while green is creepy and surprising.

Additional Ideas

If Halloween has recently passed, or if you do not celebrate it, choose this tarantula craft to accompany a classroom lesson on spiders. If you do not have the required supplies on hand, kids can also make fun spiders from items such as pompoms, pipe cleaners, balloons and egg cartons.

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