Homemade Tacky Tourist Halloween Costumes

by Casandra Maier
A tacky tourist Halloween costume pokes fun at American tourist culture.

A tacky tourist Halloween costume pokes fun at American tourist culture.

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At Halloween, it can be much more satisfying to create a homemade costume, as opposed to going out and purchasing an all-in-one prefabricated costume. A homemade costume is much more creative and also saves money, as you can pull from things you already have or visit a thrift store to piece it together. For example, you can dress as a tacky tourist. The tacky tourist is a fun costume that is appropriate for all ages and sure to get a laugh.


When piecing together the clothing for your costume, remember to choose pieces that are dated, nerdy and do not fit well. Your clothing should be too big or too small to add to the tacky element. Choose items like Hawaiian shirts, ugly t-shirts and shorts or Capri pants. Your pants or shorts should be high-waisted, with an elastic band to add to the nerd factor. Women can wear a bathing suit top that shows beneath their clothing. To gather clothing items for your costume, visit a thrift store or an older relative's closet.


The most important thing to add to the tacky element of your costume is loud colors and ugly patterns. Choose shirts or shorts with large flowers or checkered patterns. Choose designs and colors that clash. You don't want to match or look put together. The uglier and more mismatched you patterns, the tackier your tourist Halloween costume will appear.


The tacky tourist is typically armed with many accessories; therefore, you want to choose tacky accessories to complement your costume. Choose hats with big floppy rims or plastic visors. Wear big, cheap plastic sunglasses. Tourists typically carry cameras with them. If you have a nice camera that you don't want to ruin, carry the camera case or buy a cheap disposable camera. Wear a fanny pack or carry a loudly colored beach bag with you if you are trick-or-treating.


Complete your tacky tourist outfit with shoes such as flip-flops or sandals with socks. Black socks or white socks with your sandals are equally tacky. You can also wear ill-matching tennis shoes with knee-high socks. Your shoes should directly clash with your outfit.


If you want to add a makeup element to your tacky tourist Halloween costume, you can use white face-paint or actual sunscreen to make your nose white. You can also take it one step further by using bronzer to give yourself awkward tan lines, or red paint or rouge to make it look like you have sunburn.

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