Homemade Stocking Stuffer Ideas

by Melissa Morang
Fill the stockings of loved ones with thoughtful gifts you created.

Fill the stockings of loved ones with thoughtful gifts you created.

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Christmas stockings are a wonderful holiday tradition. After all, who doesn't enjoy digging into a stocking to uncover hidden treasures on Christmas morning? Yet, it's also pleasant to be the giver and know that you are responsible for putting a smile on someone's face. You don't have to spend a fortune or search frantically for stocking stuffers, however. Take some time in the crazy days of December to make homemade stocking stuffers sure to please everyone on your list.


Make a delicious treat to tempt the taste buds of loved ones. Express your passion for cooking by baking a batch of homemade brownies or cookies. Don't forget to use Christmas cookie cutters to get shapes like stars or reindeer. Add sprinkles and frosting if you desire. Place them in small cookie tins or wrapping paper and put them in the stockings. Alternatively, make chocolate candy, fudge or popcorn balls.

Photos and Scrapbooks

Perhaps cooking is not your thing. Don't feel bad. You can create a meaningful gift with photos. Find a favorite photo of your recipient. Place the photo in a frame and wrap it up and put it in a stocking. Alternatively, allow your inner photographer out. Spend a day shooting pictures of local scenery and create a small picture album that will fit in the recipient's stocking.

Arts and Crafts

Have an arts and crafts day. Buy glycerin soaps at your local craft store. Melt the glycerin and add one or two drops of peppermint oil and stir. Pour the glycerin mixture into a mini loaf pan and allow it to harden. You can then cut the soap into bars. Alternatively, make simple jewelry, such as bangle bracelets. Buy some plastic bangle bracelets. Wrap different colors of yarn around the bracelets until they are completely covered. Secure the yarn by gluing it in the inside with fabric glue. You can also make a simple necklace with beads. Simply purchase a silver necklace and add colored beads.

Music and Poetry

Unleash your inner poet and write a poem for a loved one. Write a funny poem or something more sentimental. The choice is yours. Add a special touch if you desire. Get a small frame and put the poem inside it. Place it in the stocking for a wonderful surprise Christmas morning. Alternatively, burn a CD of the person's favorite songs or add to the holiday spirit and make a special Christmas CD.

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