Homemade SpongeBob Squarepants Party Ideas

by Derek Gonzales
SpongeBob is a cartoon character most young kids like.

SpongeBob is a cartoon character most young kids like.

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Most young children know and love SpongeBob Squarepants, the yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. This makes him the ideal theme for a birthday party. From beginning to end, a successful SpongeBob party can be made by hand. Make the celebration into a long-lasting memory for everyone by painting a child-sized SpongeBob from cardboard with eye holes for each guest to pose with upon arrival. Prints can then be mailed after the party with thank-you notes.


Cut heavy white paper into 7-by-10-inch rectangles to make a giant postcard invitation. Cut SpongeBobs from a pattern found online and glue them to the front of the cards. Write "Aloha! Join Us At Bikini Bottom For A Birthday Party" across the top. On the back, divide the postcard with a black line. On the right side, write the guest's name. On the left, list pertinent party information under Destination (address), Cast-Off Date (party date), Dive Time (starting time) and Resurface Time (ending time). These over-sized invitations must be hand-delivered, but you can make smaller versions to fit into envelopes if you prefer.


Decorate the party room to look like Bikini Bottom. Cover the walls with blue bulletin board paper purchased at a teacher supply store. Hang green streamers from the ceiling to represent seaweed, clear balloons to look like bubbles and pink balloons with purple streamers to be jellyfish. Draw a giant SpongeBob and his pineapple to place on the wall. Sprinkle starfish, seahorses and seashells around the room. Cut pieces of cardboard with jagged edges and paint them brown to look like driftwood. Once dry, make them into signs with messages like "Welcome to Bikini Bottom."


Make a SpongeBob pizza by rolling the dough from a pizza mix onto a cookie sheet. After the sauce and cheese, make SpongeBob eyes with pepperoni slices, nose with an olive and mouth with red peppers. Serve with individual aquariums of gummy fish floating in blue jello in clear plastic cups. Fishbowls of goldfish crackers and pineapple punch make fun snacks. Finally, bake a SpongeBob cake using a rectangular cake pan. Frost it with bright yellow frosting and use decorator tubes of frosting in appropriate colors to fill in the details.


Have a sponge relay where teams compete to transfer water from one container to another using only a sponge. Hot glue a magnet to one end of a string and tie the other end to a dowel. Fill some small gift bags with real gifts and some with gag gifts. Tie each one shut with string, looping a metal washer into the tie. Then let each child go fishing until he or she "catches" a real gift bag. For craft fun, buy yellow sponges, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and felt squares and let each child make a sponge person.

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