Homemade Reindeer Antlers

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Re-create the antlers on these majestic creatures.

Re-create the antlers on these majestic creatures.

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Reindeer antlers are fun during the Christmas season or during Halloween. All ages, from small children to adults dressing up as deer, can use homemade reindeer antlers. The antlers are made from materials ranging from felt to pipe cleaners to construction paper. The antlers can be attached to the head in different ways.

Reindeer Antlers for Kids

Trace the child's handprint onto a brown piece of construction paper. Cut out two outlines of the handprint. Measure the child's head and cut out a strip of construction paper approximately 2 inches wide, and 2 inches longer than the circumference of the child's head. Wrap the strip to make a circle, and staple a 1-inch overlap to make a headband. Attach the handprints to opposing sides of the circle, and place the antlers on the child's head.

Headband Antlers

Use a headband to make antlers. Wrap the headband in brown felt or construction paper, then trace a hand onto brown paper. Cut the hand out twice. Glue wire along the fingers and palm on the back of the hand. Attach the hand to the headband by bending the bottom of the hand and gluing to the headband. The antlers will stick straight up from the head.

Felt Antlers

Create felt antlers using a cutout antler shape and a headband. Cover the headband with brown felt. Draw an antler shape on white paper, then trace the shape onto a piece of felt. Cut out the felt four times. Glue a piece of cardboard to the inside of one of the felt antlers so it lines the outermost part of the antler. Sew a second piece of antler felt to the first. Repeat to create the second antler, and attach to the headband.

Pipe Cleaner Antlers

Brown pipe cleaners can be used for silly antlers. Use as many pipe cleaners as it takes to make a round head wrap. Cut two pipe cleaners in half and attach them three quarters of the way up a third pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaners to look like antlers. Use another pipe cleaner to make more antler spikes farther up the same pipe cleaner. Repeat for the other side of the head wrap, and attach the antlers to opposing sides of the circle.

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