Homemade PVC Kazoo

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Kazoos are played by singing or humming into them.

Kazoos are played by singing or humming into them.

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PVC kazoos can be made from pre-molded plumbing fittings. If the store selling plumbing supplies is willing to cut the pipe into sections, or if you can obtain a left-over length from a plumber, you will not even need to cut the pipe.

Supplies Needed to Make the Kazoo

You will need a section of PVC pipe, 3 inches to 12 inches long, and one 2 inches long. You can use different diameters of pipe, but the following parts will need to be of a matching size: a PVC plumbing tee, a male PVC fitting adapter, a female PVC fitting adapter and plumbing glue. Plumbing glue comes in a little package of two bottles: one is to prep the pipe, the other is the glue. You will also need waxed paper to make the vibrator.

Assembling the Body of the Kazoo

Clean one end of the longer section of PVC pipe with the preparation solution, then the inside of one of the paired ends of the tee, following directions included with the plumbing glue package. Then put glue on the outside of the pipe and on the inside of the tee, and fit them together. Hold a few minutes to make sure you have a good bond. Repeat with the short end of pipe on the other side.

Adding the Vibrator

Attach the smooth end of the female PVC adapter to the leg part of the PVC tee, using the same method you used to attach the ends. Once all the parts are dry, cut a circle of waxed paper about a quarter bigger than the female adapter end. Place it over the female adapter end, and screw the male adapter down over it.

Check the Vibrator

Sing or hum into the kazoo. Kazoos do not have any sort of reed or whistle with which to make sound, they work more on the same principle as a drum. The waxed paper in the kazoo vibrates in response to the sound you are making, creating the characteristic vibrating sound. You may need to experiment with tightening or loosening the waxed paper or even using different thicknesses of paper to get a good sound. Do not put a hole in the paper, however. That ruins it as a vibrator.

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