Homemade Pirate Party Ideas

by Ruth O'Neil

Pirate parties are fun to have when you are a kid. However, throwing a party can be expensive for mom and dad. By making homemade items for the party, you can save yourself a lot of money as well as make exactly what your child wants -- or at least personalize it more than with store-bought party ideas.


Make homemade invitations to announce the party. Roll up the invitations as a scroll if you are going to personally hand them out; otherwise, use a full sheet of paper and fold it to fit into an envelope. The invitation must give all the information about the party, including date and time. Make the invitation a pirate map to show the location of the party.

Eye Patch

Have each of your guests create an eye patch. This can work as both a craft and for the take-home gift. Before the party create a template for the eye patch. Make one copy for each child. The kids can then cut the eye patch out of vinyl or felt. After punching a hole in the opposite corners of the eye patch, thread elastic string through the eye patch so they can wear it. If the eye patch is made from felt, provide small items, such as sequins or skull and crossbones decals, that kids can glue on.

Treasure Chest

Make a treasure chest. A treasure chest can be built of wood and large enough to hold party games, prizes and the take-home gifts. When building a large treasure chest use plywood or scraps of wood that you already have around the house. Add details by painting on barnacles and other sea creatures. Attach a lock to make the treasure chest look more real. Make small treasure chests out of card stock to hold gold coin candies for the kids to take home.


Homemade cakes are less expensive than store-bought cakes and they often taste better. Make a pirate ship cake, a treasure chest cake, or even a skeleton cake. Depending on which cake you make and what you want it to look like, decorate it with candies instead of doing complicated frosting techniques. Use colorful candy to fill a treasure chest or make the portholes of a ship. White candy sticks come in handy when you need to make a lot of bones.