Homemade Perch Bait

by Clayton Yuetter
Fishing with homemade bait adds another dimension to the sport.

Fishing with homemade bait adds another dimension to the sport.

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Some fishing enthusiasts like the challenge of catching perch on bait they've made themselves. Not only can this save money over traditional lures and baits purchased in shops, but children in particular tend to enjoy making their own bait. There are a variety of recipes that can create general fish attractants that can work on many species, including perch.

Cod Liver Oil

Some fisherman lace their hooks and lures with a cod liver oil mixture. Although this is generally done for trout and bass, it will also work on perch, since they tend to be less picky. Mix cod liver oil, garlic and salt together in a container and apply it to hooks to make a special attractant scent. In order to use it as bait, purchase soft gel capsules of cod liver oil and lace them with garlic and salt. The capsules can be stuck into the hook.

Crunchy Fish Balls

Place several cups of sweetened corn flakes in a plastic bag and gently crush it into small pieces. In another bowl add 1 cup dog food, 1 cup cream of corn, and garlic salt. Stir them together thoroughly. Add in the crushed corn flakes and keep stirring until it forms a heavy dough. Shape the dough into small balls and refrigerate.

Cat Food

Another simple recipe to create homemade perch bait involves the use of wet cat food. Mix flour into a bowl of wet cat food, such as Fancy Feast, and slowly kneed it by hand. Form balls that are just big enough to sit on the hook. Refrigerate the balls until you are ready to use them. Cooling them will also help them harden. The sooner the balls are used, the more scent they will still have.

Dough Balls

Old bread that is no longer good to eat can be turned into perch bait. Simply add white bread, shredded cheese, garlic powder and juice from a can of tuna together. Make sure the tuna is kept in water, not oil. Stir them together with a spoon or your hands until they form a paste. Kneed them into balls, and put them in the refrigerator. In general, the smellier the dough balls are, the better they will be able to attract perch.

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