Homemade Party Decorations for a Harry Potter Party

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Use the Harry Potter books and movies for ideas about props for the party.

Use the Harry Potter books and movies for ideas about props for the party.

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The seven Harry Potter books and eight movies sparked a phenomenon in the muggle world. Almost every child, even the grown ones, wants to visit Hogwarts or sit in the common room in Gryffindor house. Re-create the experience of potions class and herbology in your own home with homemade party decorations for your Harry Potter party.

Diagon Alley

The marketplace for any witch or wizard, Diagon Alley is the setting for the various shops students visit to gather their school supplies. Create a Diagon Alley with tables offering wands, spell books and chocolate frogs or other candies. Use long twigs, chopsticks or carved wood pieces for the wands. Print out made-up spells in an old English font and glue the pages into old books bought from a thrift store. Build the Monster Book of Monsters by forming a monster face on a piece of fake fur. Shave the fur in certain areas to make room for words or the eyes. Glue the fur onto a large volume book obtained from a thrift store. For chocolate frogs, mold fondant around peanut butter cups to resemble the frog. Dip the entire creation in chocolate and let dry. To add surprise to the night, place a small spring under the chocolate frogs so when the candy is unwrapped, the frog jumps.

Introduction to Hogwarts

Give a grand tour to your guests, starting with the sorting hat. Make a sorting hat out of papier-mache. Cover the entire exterior of the hat with brown flocking fibers, found in most craft stores. Make the hat talk by inserting a small personal recorder into the point of the hat. Record messages, such as "Hmmm...Green and silver or scarlet and gold?" or "I see you belong to...Hufflepuff!" onto the recorder but space them about three minutes apart. This gives you enough time to place the hat on another guest. Make the house flags by painting the house emblems onto a solid-colored piece of cotton. For instance, paint a lion onto a scarlet piece of cotton, using gold leaf paint or metallic gold spray paint to represent Gryffindor, or paint a silver snake on a green piece of cotton for Slytherin house.

Signature Items

Herbology class has students donning earmuffs for protection against the mandrake root screams. Sew silk plants onto a rubber baby doll and bury the doll in a loose peat moss and sand mixture. Another well-known item of the Harry Potter series is the golden snitch. Drill two tiny holes on either side of a ping pong ball and one on the top. Paint the ball and two feathers with gold paint. Thread a piece of fishing line up through the top of the ping pong ball and secure in place with a knot on the inside of the ball. Once dried, glue the feathers into the holes of the ping pong ball. Secure the fishing line to a long, loose spring. Suspend the spring from the ceiling. As the air current moves the snitch, it will bounce and move on its own because of the spring.

Dementors and More

Use an embroidery ring covered in a fine screen cloth for the face of the dementor. Attach black gauze and other pieces of black material to create a flowing form around the embroidery ring. If you prefer to hang the dementor costume, insert a child's ball where the head would be and suspend the dementor in a corner of the room. The other oddity about the magical world is the moving pictures. Create your own moving picture by videotaping someone for at least 1/2 hour. Dress the person in costume, if you desire. Have the person sitting in a chair and pretend to doze off or stand and walk out of the frame to get a drink. Create a DVD of the recording. Place a box frame around a television or computer monitor. Play the DVD during the party. You may need to restart the DVD throughout the evening.

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