Homemade Paper Basket

by Carolyn Scheidies
Weave a paper basket using paper strips

Weave a paper basket using paper strips

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There are baskets for carrying fruit, baskets for holidays such as Easter, and baskets for holding household items such as magazines or keys. While baskets can be made from a variety of materials using anything from naturally woven fibers to plastic, you can also create interesting and useful baskets with paper.

Greeting Cards

Cut a round base from cardboard. Collect enough cards to fit around this base. Use only the front of the cards. Back with a plain color or another card. Laminate them for extra strength and durability. Punch holes along sides and bottom. Also cut or punch holes around the edges of the base. The idea is to attach the cards to the base angling outward for a wide, open basket that can be used for cards, letters or other items. Crochet or knit the cards together into a circle. Set this circle on the base and attach. Lace the cards together with yarn or ribbon. Clear tape can also be used to hold the card basket together. Make the basket fit a particular holiday or use photos and fill with appropriate items to use as a gift.

Paper Bag

Start with a paper or gift bag. Cut strips of paper, a different color from the bag, 1 inch wide and long enough to fit around the bag. Cut edges 1/3 from the top, curl outward. From 1 inch down from this curl and 1 inch up from the bottom, cut vertical slits 2 inches apart around the bag. From the bottom up, weave in and out of the vertical slits the strips of paper. Alternate slits used with each weave layer. Glue ends of the strips so they won't come undone.

Tissue Paper

A tissue paper basket appears delicate, but is more sturdy than it appears. It can be used for celebrations, even formal occasions like wedding receptions. Lay out two to four sheets of tissue paper. They run 20 by 24 inches. Use all the same color or a mix of colors. Use a round plastic lid or cut a round piece of cardboard the size you wish for the base of the basket. Lay this on the tissue paper. Add a touch of double-stick tape to the base to keep it in place. Decide the height of the basket sides and draw a circle out from the base to this distance. Cut the larger circle, taking care to cut through all tissue layers at the same time. Gather the tissue paper up from and around the base, which will be inside the basket. Tie ribbon lightly halfway around the basket to contain the gathers. At this point you can adjust the gathers. Using a pencil or other long, thin round object, roll the edges of the tissue paper toward the outside to make them curl.

Copy Paper

Make a basket from 8 ½-by-11-inch copy paper. Draw the 8 ½-inch edges together to form a tunnel. Tape closed. On either end of the tunnel cut strips 2 inches long, 1 ½ inches wide to create tabs. Decide which end is the bottom and fold these tabs in toward the tunnel. On the other end, fold the tabs out. Glue the bottom tabs together for the base of a basket. The upper tabs flare out like petals. While you can decorate this basket after creating it, it is simpler to do so before putting it together.

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