Homemade Pajama Party Ideas

by Paige Turner
Pajama parties are a time for laughter and bonding.

Pajama parties are a time for laughter and bonding.

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Pajama parties are an excellent way to get a group of kids together for an exciting evening. Putting together a pajama party can be simple and inexpensive. Create invitations, decorations and games with a few basic supplies from around the house. One person can act as a game leader and coordinate all the activities.

Homemade Party Invitations

Use cardstock, stickers, glitter and glitter pens to create homemade party invitations. Cut pieces of cardstock into different shapes that can be folded in half. List the party theme, location and time on the cards using the glitter pens. Decorate each card with a variety of stickers and glitter. Print multiple copies of a list of what each child should bring on colored computer paper. Insert the printed list into each card. Place the cards in colorful envelopes and label them with the recipient's name using different colored glitter pens.

Homemade Party Decorations

Blow up some balloons and scatter them throughout the house. Use a party theme that takes the interests of the group coming to the party into account. Create chains from streamers in a party theme color such as pink or purple and tape them in swags in all the rooms that will be used for the party. Use poster board and colored paper to cut out cute party favors such as paper dolls or miniature fans. Use the party theme when creating the party favors. As an example, if you are using a Disney Princess theme, place a sticker of a Disney Princess on the paper doll cutout. Tie ribbon on the party favors in the theme colors and hand them out to each child.

Simple Party Icebreakers

Ask the group to sit in a circle. Place an umbrella in the center of the circle.Tag one person and hand her the umbrella to use as a microphone. Ask her to go first and tell the group about her favorite movie. Ask her to tag someone else in the circle when she is done. Switch up the subject and add more rounds if you see a lot of enthusiasm for the game. Use topics such as favorite TV shows, most embarrassing moments and ultimate vacation ideas.

Homemade Party Game

Type up a number of humorous sayings and print them on computer paper. Use sayings that will appeal to the group of people at the party. Cut out paper strips with the sayings on them. Insert each saying into the wrapper of a candy. Hide the candies all around the house. Divide the kids into pairs and give them 15 minutes to find as many candies as possible. Take pictures of the kids as they walk around the house. Provide a small gift to the pair with the most candies at the end of the 15 minutes.

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