Homemade Movie Making Equipment

by Daniel Francis
Making a homemade movie is easy in the digital age.

Making a homemade movie is easy in the digital age.

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Do-it-yourself movie-making is easy in the digital age. Equipment needed includes a camera, microphone, and a computer for post-production. Cameras that record high-quality images are available at a variety of prices. Most cameras record sound, but having a microphone separate from the camera will improve the quality of your movie. Editing is easy using desktop editing software.

Camera amd Lights

Prices for digital video cameras range from under $100 to over $1,000. The focal length of the lens and the resolution of the picture will increase with the price of the camera. High-definition (HD) camcorders will give you the best picture you can get in a homemade movie. Look for a starter light kit used on line. Make sure it has a key light and at least one fill light. You may want to add a tripod to your equipment, but for a homemade movie, you come up with your own base for the camera to keep it steady.


Higher-end cameras will come with an XLR jack for plugging in an external microphone. Other camcorders will have a simpler microphone jack. Before you purchase a microphone, check to see what kind of jack is on the camera. You can easily turn your microphone into a boom mic by securing it with electrician's tape to a broom handle or other long pole. All camcorders record sound from the camera if you opt for keeping it simple.


To edit your homemade movie, you will need to have a computer. Apple offers iMovie as part of its regular software bundle as an easy tool for editing home movies. Also available from Apple is Final Cut, an editing software. Windows PCs include Movie Maker for editing. Adobe includes Premiere in its Creative Suite bundle of software. You can easily edit your home movie with any of these options by connecting your camcorder to your computer and uploading your footage. Each of the software packages comes with tutorials. Check online for other helpful tutorials made by other home movie-makers.

Showing Your Movie

All of the editing software packages include output options. You can make a digital file of your homemade movie after you have completed the editing. Digital files can be uploaded to the Internet or saved on hard drives. You can also share a digital file by burning it to a CD. If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can output your homemade movie onto a DVD to show on a television.

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