Homemade Mario Brothers Costumes for Kids

by Erin Ringwald

In 1981, Nintendo released a video game about a barrel-throwing monkey who kidnapped a princess. The player controlled Jumpman in an attempt to save the princess. In 1985, Jumpman officially became Mario and the Super Mario Bros. franchise began. Decades later, Mario and his friends still capture the hearts of gamers. If your child wants to dress in a Mario-themed costume for Halloween, knowing a few ideas helps you create the right costume.

The Brothers

The two main characters of the Mario franchise, both plumbers, are Mario and his brother Luigi. The brothers look similar in the games, with their clothing color being the main difference. Start a Mario or Luigi costume by choosing a pair of blue denim overalls. Wear brown work boots and white gloves. For Mario, wear a red long-sleeved shirt. For Luigi, wear a green long sleeve shirt. Attach a white circle to the center of a newsboy style hat, red for Mario or green for Luigi. Inside the circle, add an M for Mario or L or Luigi. Attach a black costume mustache to finish the look.

The Friends

The brothers have a few friends who help them along their way. Princess Peach, for example, is the princess of the Mushroom kingdom. To create a Peach costume, choose a long formal dress, preferably with cap sleeves. Drape two pieces of darker pink fabric over your hips and secure it with a needle and thread. Also, sew a 2-inch hem of darker pink fabric under the skirt. Wear a blonde wig and crown. Finish the look with a pair of long, white gloves and round, blue post earrings. Another princess from the series is Princess Daisy. Daisy wears a dress similar to Peach's, except it is yellow with orange trim and orange fabric draped over the hips. Attach white lace to the cuffs of the dress and around the neck. Also, attach a teal green broach to the front of the dress and wear teal green, round post earrings. Wear a red wig with a crown on top. Instead of long gloves, wear short white gloves. A third friend, Toad, is Peach's servant. For his costume, wear a pair of white shorts and brown shoes and a red vest. Sew a yellow trim on the vest. Finish the look a puffy white hat with four large, red circles glued onto it.

The Bad Guys

Several enemies try to stop the Mario Bros. on their adventures. Donkey Kong was the first enemy that Jumpman encountered. Wear a gorilla suit costume. Write DK on the end of a large, red tie using yellow fabric paint and wear the tie around the gorilla costume's neck. Koopa is a turtle-like creature that tries to stall Mario's progress in the games. Wear a turtle costume and add a pair of green tennis shoes for a Koopa costume. To create a Boo, the shy floating ghosts, drape a white sheet over your body. Cut out two holes in the sheet to create the eyes. Paint a large, open mouth complete with sharp teeth on the front of the sheet, below the eyes, using acrylic paint. When in costume, cover your face with your hands when people look at you. When they look away, uncover your face and move towards them like Boo.

The Scenery

The scenery and power ups play take on a life of their own in the Mario series. For example, in the original Super Mario Bros., Mario used pipes to get around. Create a pipe costume using a large round trash can. Cut the bottom out of the can. Punch four holes around the top of the can and attach rope through the holes to create shoulder straps. Spray paint the outside of the can with green spray paint to finish the pipe costume. To create a star power up, cut out a large five-pointed star from a large piece of yellow poster board. Draw two lines down the center to create the star's eyes. Repeat the process to create a second star. Attach the two stars together with two pieces of ribbon to create shoulder straps.

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