Homemade Mad Scientist Halloween Decorations

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Have fun with a mad scientist theme for your Halloween party.

Have fun with a mad scientist theme for your Halloween party.

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Halloween decorations make your house much more inviting to trick-or-treating children. Decorating for a Halloween party also creates a festive and enjoyable place to celebrate the holiday. Choose a theme that offers you plenty of options to create the right mood. For example, consider the options you have to create your own mad scientist laboratory.

Creating the Monster

Create your own Frankenstein. Trace around the body on craft paper to make your pattern. Make separate pieces for the torso, arms, legs and head. Use skin-toned knit material to sew your body parts and stuff the pieces with plastic grocery bags. Use toe socks and long formal gloves to create realistic shapes for the lower arms and hands and the calves and feet. Sew the body parts together from the outside with long running stitches. Cover most of the monster with a sheet. Create your electrodes with inexpensive electrical wiring attached to the body with bandages. Bundle the wires together and hide the ends in the chimney flue, behind a large piece of furniture or into a dead computer case to simulate the electrical connection that brings your monster back to life.

Cooking Up Chemicals

Use a large stockpot for your punch bowl and fill it with ginger ale and sherbet. Add a chunk of dry ice to the pot to create a steamy effect. Don't let people touch the dry ice directly; the ice can damage skin. Use large pieces of black construction paper or poster board on the walls and write your chemical formulas or equations for your chemical concoctions. Use different flavors of gelatin and add weird foods to it like animal crackers or gummy animals. Cut grapes in half and put strips of cherry, pieces of raisin or thin slices of licorice in the center to look like weird eyeballs.


Recycle dead appliances such as radios or computer accessories for your mad scientist machines. You could also use empty boxes covered in aluminum foil with milk caps or soda caps for knobs and small strings of Christmas lights to create your flashing and racing lights. Hunt through your kitchen drawers and cabinets or the aisles of the dollar or hardware store to transform normal equipment such as garlic presses, hand beaters, forceps, turkey blasters and injectors into mad scientist equipment. Set the equipment on a napkin on a metal tray and wrap it in plastic wrap. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, slides and test tubes add a laboratory feel to your party space.

Experiments Gone Bad

Fill clear jars with thin gelatin and immerse dismembered doll parts or rubber body parts to simulate experiments. You could also include plastic animals or gummy worms in jars of clear fluid. Use diluted red gelatin or commercial faux blood to create appropriately bloody scenery and gore.

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