Homemade "Karate Kid" Costumes for Halloween

by Alex Smith

"The Karate Kid" is, in the minds of many, one of the most influential movies of the 1980s. Even today, you can find various costumes for sale based on the movie. If you prefer the homemade touch, you can create four main costumes from the film with relatively little difficulty.

Daniel's Karate Uniform

This is just a white karate uniform, which you can purchase at any sports supply store or even in a thrift store. Add a black belt, either a store-bought one or a simple band of black cloth. You can make Daniel's "sunburst" headband with a strip of white cloth and a permanent marker. Finally, you will need a bonsai tree patch on the costume's back. You can purchase one online or simply draw it by hand with fabric markers.

Cobra Kai Uniform

The Cobra Kai uniform begins with a black karate uniform. Use a seam ripper to remove the sleeves, cutting through threads every half inch until the sleeves pull off. The uniforms in the movie have yellow trim on the edges, which you can recreate with yellow ribbon and thread. Complete the costume with the Cobra Kai breast and back patches, which are available online, and a black headband. If your hair is longer, brush it down into bangs.

Skeleton Costumes

The skeleton costumes are difficult to make yourself, and may be easier to simply purchase. If you want to make your own, however, you will need a black bodysuit and white fabric paint. Paint the front of a skeleton onto the front of the bodysuit, then the back onto the back once the front of the suit has dried. Use a white balaclava to cover your head, leaving your face exposed. Your face will be covered in white makeup, with black circles covering your eyes and teeth drawn over your mouth.

Shower Costume

Possibly one of the most iconic costumes from the '80s is Daniel's shower costume. Attach a toy hoop to two long PVC pipes attached to a backpack. Attach a shower head to the hoop, then spray-paint the entire construction copper or silver. In the movie, the shower curtain is red with white polka dots. If you want to completely recreate Daniel's costume, roll the legs of your jeans up and wear a dark-blue jersey with the number "84" in white on the chest.

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