Homemade Invitations to a Kids' Pool Party

by Chelsea Oliver
Throw a pool party for your kids this summer.

Throw a pool party for your kids this summer.

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Throwing a pool party for your children and their friends is a fun way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Use homemade invitations to get your guests excited about enjoying the water and delicious refreshments at the upcoming event. There are many options for making interesting and creative pool party invitations at home.

Miniature Aquariums

The Disney Family Fun website suggests making miniature aquarium invitations for your child's pool party using sea creature expanding sponge capsules, which can be found at many craft stores. Cut a piece of blue construction paper to resemble a wave and print the party details on the front. Insert the piece of paper into a sealable plastic sandwich bag and add several sponge capsules. On the back of the blue paper, write instructions to remove the card and add 1 cup of warm water to the bag before sealing it. The sponge capsules will expand in the water, creating miniature aquariums.


If hand-delivery is an option, use common pool party toys to create unforgettable invitations. Blow up one beach ball per guest and write the party information, such as the date, time and location, on the balls using permanent marker. You can also print the party invitation on small pieces of card stock, which can then be attached to beach-themed items such as pairs of sunglasses, bottles of sunblock, colorful beach towels and Frisbees.

Summer Shapes

An inexpensive way to create fun, colorful homemade pool party invitations is to cut summer-themed shapes out of colored card stock or construction paper. Use shapes that fit your party theme, such as beach balls, flip flops, seashells, board shorts, waves or the sun. Hand-print the party details on the colorful cut-outs and, if you're mailing the invitations, tuck them into brightly colored envelopes.

Message in a Bottle

The Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website suggests using plastic bottles to create one-of-a-kind pool party invitations. Remove the label from a clean, empty plastic bottle and fill it approximately halfway with sand and seashells. Write the party information on a sheet of paper, which you can then roll up and stick into the bottle. Secure the lid on the bottle and decorate the outside of the invitation with beach and summer themed stickers.

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