Homemade Indian Costume for Boys

by Samantha Kemp
Learn how to make your own boys' Indian costume.

Learn how to make your own boys' Indian costume.

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For your next school play or Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering, amaze other parents with your authentic boys' Indian costume. Whether you make the entire costume from scratch or take some shortcuts around sewing the costume, you can craft your own Indian costume in only a few hours and with only a few key supplies. A brown pantsuit, fringe, appropriate shoes and feathers will help you make a costume you and your son can be proud of long after the event.

Pants and Shirt

A pair of brown pants and a brown shirt should serve as the base of the costume. You can either purchase these items or sew them with the help of a pattern. A tunic shirt will better resemble an Indian shirt than a standard shirt because of its longer length. Suede or leather are two fabrics that will coordinate well with this costume.


Shoes are not mandatory for an Indian costume, but you may want your son to wear them for protection if he will be walking on hard surfaces. Leather sandals or flip-flops are two options for footwear.


A headdress makes a statement and helps other people realize immediately what costume your son is wearing. Make a simple headdress out of a headband and fake feathers. Opt for a more elaborate headdress to make a bigger statement by weaving a few laces of suede together. Add large feathers and beads to finish the look.


Add pizzazz to your boy's Indian costume by incorporating other colors and textures into his costume. Sew or glue colored ribbon to his shirt and pants. Cut slits in a strip of suede fabric and glue it under the ribbon to make fringe. Twist the fringe and thread colored pony beads onto the fringe. A piece of felt or glitter glue can make an Indian symbol on his shirt. A drawing of a coyote or a moon will add interest to the back of his shirt.


Some Indian boys wear jewelry, so it is appropriate to incorporate this aspect into your boy's Indian costume. Give him a beaded necklace or amulet to wear. Hoop or beaded earrings can be clipped onto his ears.


Finish your boy's costume with accessories. Have him carry a tomahawk or a bow and arrows in a quiver. Add a walking stick or pipe to his costume to make him appear older. A black braided wig and war paint will provide finishing touches.

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