Homemade Ideas for a 50-Year-Old's Birthday Party

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You can create fun and memorable 50th birthday party celebrations.

You can create fun and memorable 50th birthday party celebrations.

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Throwing a party for someone who has reached the half-century mark invites you to search your creative brain to add some special ideas for the birthday celebration. Many 50-year-olds don't consider themselves to be over the hill or slowing down, so consider ideas for spicy and playful fun. Encourage your attendees to see this birthday as part of middle age focus on the possibilities of life after 50.

Bucket List Party

By the age of 50, many individuals have the kids out of the nest and can focus on adult activities. With plenty of years in the future for most, invite your birthday honoree and all the guests to consider what possibilities exist for their future. Have each person prepare a bucket list. Encourage both humorous and serious ideas, such as firing the boss, going back to school, skydiving and piloting a spacecraft to Mars. Give each person a small bucket for their list. Allow them to decorate the bucket with stickers representing travel destination, sports, possessions and activities on their list. Ask your birthday honoree to choose one idea he would really like to do and invite the other attendees to contribute money to the goal rather than buying individual gifts.

When I Grow Up

Invite your guests to come in costume as what they wanted to be or what they would still like to be when they grow up. Use creativity to come up with suggestions for the costumes, such as "independently wealthy" or "character actor." Decorate your party table and make banners with pictures of common childhood choices such as fireman, superhero, cowboy, teacher, nurse or doctor or items such as paintbrushes, baby bottles, sports items, books, or musical instruments. Entice your guests to play games such as What's My Line? or charades with profession or lifestyle choice categories. Award a prize for the most creative costume and for the person who presented the most challenge in guessing her chosen path.

Youth is Wasted on the Young

George Bernard Shaw said, "Youth is wasted on the young" and he was right. Your 50-year-old honoree and many of your guests offer a wealth of wisdom and experience. Ask your party attendees to help you compile information for the young that includes the things they wished they had known when they were young enough to need the information. Give your party guests sheets of paper and pencils to make individual lists or invite them to brainstorm ideas as a group. They might enjoy telling the other guess the reason why this wisdom would have benefited them in the past. Compile a list of the best information and take a picture of the final list. Post it to your social networking sites or pass it on to younger family members.

This is Your Life Birthday Party

When you reach your 50th birthday, you have done a lot of living. Celebrate the life that the honoree has lived by creating a pictorial display of her life. Ask family members and friends to supply pictures for your display. Secretly interview people for stories about your birthday star. Alternately, you could use the facts you discover for your own celebrity roast theme. Food items might include little-known favorite foods of your honoree or foods that represent places she has visited. (

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