Homemade Ice Sculptures

by Jennifer Mullett
Decorate ice sculptures with ornate pieces such as icicles.

Decorate ice sculptures with ornate pieces such as icicles.

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Ice sculptures add pizazz and give any event instant posh status. While the size and complexity of a homemade ice sculpture will vary, many designs can be made at home using molds and basic techniques. Work with a template to create an animal, for example, or develop an architectural or abstract piece to correspond with the theme of the event.

Ice and Tools

For the clearest ice, freeze distilled water, which has had the sediment removed during filtration. Pour water into molds and other vessels that have been cleaned and thoroughly dried. While you might be able to purchase larger blocks of ice for bigger projects, you can freeze small to medium ones depending on how much freezer space you have available. If you want a colored ice sculpture, tint the water with food coloring. When sculpting, use new tools that have not been used on wood, clay and other materials that are prone to leaving bits of debris behind.


In addition to molds specifically for ice, use cake molds, plastic containers or other vessels with eye-catching designs. Whether you choose disposable or reusable molds depends on whether you need them again. To create a one-off design for a special event, a disposable mold will work fine. However, if ice sculpting has become a hobby or something you will consider attempting again, a reusable mold is best. Molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ice Sculpture for Kids

Spice up a winter afternoon and set up an ice sculpture with your kids. Freeze water in a variety of vessels, molds and cups ahead of time. If you live in a cold climate, freeze the water outside to save freezer space. Otherwise, place your vessels in the freezer for a day or two. Make different-colored ice cubes and molds with food coloring, or jazz up ice blocks with glitter or sparkles. Kids can build their own structures or work on a cooperative project, such as a castle.


Homemade ice sculptures can be designed for any event. For a wedding, consider designing motifs in pairs, such as a pair of doves, two rings, a bride and groom or a floral pattern featuring two blooms. For a corporate event, create an abstract piece and light it from different angles. Set up a balloon ice sculpture for a birthday party. For an elegant buffet table, create platters and bowls for serving. Stand the finished pieces on pedestals of varying heights and light them from behind.

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