Homemade Hippie Couple Halloween Costume

by Gerald Fuller
Add bright colors to authenticate a hippie costume.

Add bright colors to authenticate a hippie costume.

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Halloween and hippies are synonymous with good times. Combining the two for a couples' costume will enhance the spirits of all those that interact with you and bring both of you closer together. Makeup can be skipped if desired, as hippies generally do not wear it -- although hippie females can wear very loud and sparkly eye makeup. If you and your significant other decide to be ghoulish hippies, you can add spooky makeup if desired.

Hippie Dress and Hair for Her

Bright colors and tie dye are a must if you wish to impersonate a hippie. Wear long sundresses or short tie-dye skirts. Hippies also enjoy the natural world, so dressing in a grass skirt or hemp shirt is not out of the question. Hippie women will also wear jeans or a jean skirt with a brightly-colored bikini top. Hippies are famous for unkempt hair, so simply brush it through and leave it down. You can also wear pigtails, as utilitarian hairstyles are popular not just for hippies, but also for those who -- like hippies -- spend a lot of time outside. Adding flowers to your hair is another beautiful way to enhance your hippie costume.

Hippie Dress and Hair for Him

Hippie men dress down everywhere that they go. A man can get by wearing jeans and a tie-dyed shirt. Consider wearing a tweed or flannel jacket along with jeans and a shirt to spruce up your costume. Hemp clothing is another good hippie style choice. If you do not have long hair, you can just mess it up with pomade for a dirty look. Wearing a long-haired or afro wig works really well for a hippie costume, too. Dreadlock wigs add a nice touch and often come sewn into Jamaican-style hats.


Sunglasses are crucial to hippie style. Only wear large sunglasses with loudly-colored frames. If you are going out at night, wear sunglasses with brightly-colored, reflective lenses so that you can see in the dark. Avoid sports sunglasses unless they are plainly-colored, as sports sunglasses tend to look too futuristic for hippies.


Any sort of hat can be worn with a hippie costume, as hippies tend to take any style and make it their own. Wearing large straw sun hats is consistent with hippie style. Even cowboy hats -- provided that the rest of the costume is extra colorful, as a cowboy hippie will just look like a cowboy if wearing a T-shirt and jeans -- are hippie-appropriate. Consider wearing Jamaican hats and fedoras as well.

Jewelry and Patches

Hemp jewelry festooned with blown glass pieces or seashells are a beautiful accompaniment to hippie dress. Wear hemp bracelets and anklets as well. Sew colorful flower patches or peace sign patches onto your costume clothing for an authentic hippie look. Patches that look like leaves or trees are also appropriate.

Face Painting

Hippies famously enjoy face and body painting. Use face paint to make peace signs on your cheeks or arms. You can also paint trees, the sun, colorful mushrooms and words such as "Unity" or "Love" anywhere that they can be seen.

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