Homemade Hawaiian Party Prizes

by Kent Page McGroarty
Use images of Hawaii as inspiration for your party prizes.

Use images of Hawaii as inspiration for your party prizes.

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Create homemade party prizes for your next Hawaiian-themed party or luau. Homemade prizes and gifts generally mean more to the receiver than store-bought prizes, as you took the time to make them. Use them as awards for playing various party games, such as relay and charades games with a tropical twist.

Edible Prizes

Mix dried tropical fruit, such as pineapple, papaya and passion fruit, with assorted nuts and trail mixes to create edible Hawaiian party prizes. Place the prizes in different containers such as small handmade wicker baskets, though be sure to line the bottom of the basket with decorative paper towels or tropical-print linens. Also try placing the mixes in origami envelopes or boxes, or glass containers. Try reusing empty glass containers painted with tropical patterns and designs.

Paper Prizes

Paper prizes can include paper leis, which you can make by cutting and decorating paper in tropical flower shapes and stringing them between long beads on a piece of string. Tissue paper can be used to create tissue-paper bouquets in tropical colors. Also, try attaching green streamers of various colors and textures to make Hawaiian grass skirts. Paper masks decorated in Hawaiian patterns and colors are another paper prize option.

Ornament Prizes

Purchase small, plain wooden surfboard ornaments and paint with tropical colors to create island patterns and designs. If you have the skills and resources, you can also carve wooden surfboards, palm trees, sea turtles, shells, fish and colorful coral into small ornaments. Drill small holes in such crafts for hanging purposes. Another ornament option is to fashion fish, shells and palm trees out of polymer clay, which you can then paint and decorate as desired.

Additional Accessory Prizes

In addition to making grass skirts and paper leis, try making other Hawaiian accessory prizes, such as those made with tissue paper. Tissue paper can be cut and shaped into flowers with hair clips glued to them as hair ornaments. Another idea is to decorate tropical-colored sunglasses using tropical-colored glitter, faux jewels, buttons and beads, or decorate brightly colored flip-flops with the same types of embellishments. Make bikini tops out of soft, sturdy string and either coconut halves or large shells, or string necklaces using tropical-colored beads and charms, including those in the shape of shells and seahorses.

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