Homemade Favor Tags for a Bridal Shower

by Jacky Gamble
Tags are often attached to bridal shower favors.

Tags are often attached to bridal shower favors.

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Homemade bridal shower favor tags can be made several ways. Using a few inexpensive supplies and materials, bridal shower hosts can save money by creating their own favor tags. Tags can be customized with any design, colors or sizes to match the theme of the bridal shower you will be throwing.

Rubber Stamping

Create a wide range of looks for your favor tags by using rubber stamps. Rubber stamp designs are virtually endless, so finding one that matches your theme should be easy. You could also use stamps with quotes, or have a personalized stamp made that mentions the bridal couple's names. Stamp outlines can also be filled in with color by using colored pencils or markers.


Matting is a simple technique used in making bridal shower favor tags. To create these, you will need at least two coordinating papers. Cut the bottom layer so that each side is about 1/2 inch larger than the next layer. The top layer could include a quote or image to match the bridal shower theme.

Adding Photos and Text

Photos and text can be added to your favor tags using a photo editing software program and printer. You could use photos of the bridal couple, the bride as a child or the bridal party. Text might include the names of the bridal couple, the wedding date, the bridal shower date, a quote, or a thank you to the shower guests.

Candle Tags

Favor tags can also be made to wrap around taper candles, or bunches of 6-inch celebration candles. To make these, cut strips of paper to about 1 inch by 7 inches. Lay the strip face down and place the candles in the center of the paper. Bring the two ends of the paper together so that they line up evenly and are wrapped tightly around the candles. Secure with double-sided tape.

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