Homemade Engagement Invitations

by Randi Bergsma
Engagement parties are a fun way to prepare for a wedding.

Engagement parties are a fun way to prepare for a wedding.

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Engagement parties are an opportunity to meet with friends and family to discuss your impending wedding. This is usually the occasion when the bride's family and the groom's family meet each other. This is also when the couple can introduce their friends and announce their choices for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The party should be an intimate gathering of the people closest to you. Homemade invitations are a personal touch that show your guests your appreciation.

Diamond Ring Invitations

Diamond rings are an iconic image of engagement. Purchase plastic diamond rings at a party supply store and attach the engagement party information to them like a tag. You can purchase ring boxes or other small cardboard boxes at a craft store and send them in the mail. The message could include instructions to wear the ring to the party. This could also be done with candy rings that can be found in most convenience stores. You could also make ring shaped cookies, decorated with frosting and wrapped in cellophane with a note attached.

Origami Invitations

Origami makes a fun but inexpensive invitation. Purchase fancy paper from a stationary store or use wrapping paper. Paper that is meant specifically for origami is more expensive but has a pattern on both sides, creating a better finished product. Write the party information on the paper with marker and attach a sticker or tag on the finished product that says "unfold me." Ask friends and relatives if anyone knows how to make a crane. They can teach you how to do it and fold some of the invitations themselves. Type "origami pattern" into a search engine and you'll find hundreds of instructions.You could invite friends over and fold while watching movies. The invitations will be done in an afternoon.

Message in a Bottle Invitations

Write the party invitations on pieces of decorative paper. Roll up the paper like a scroll and put it in bottles. Purchase plastic or glass bottles at a craft store or get friends to recycle their used bottles. Individual sized glass bottles from juice or alcohol work best. You can sterilize them with bleach or in a dishwasher and peel the labels off. Purchase stickers to decorate the outside of the bottle. Craft stores will have stickers that say "you're invited" or have wedding images. Buy corks for bottles without lids. You can put colored sand or glitter in the bottle so that it pours out when guests open them.

Funny Invitations

Find a funny picture of you and your fiancé. It could be from Halloween or a party; it doesn't have to look "bridal." Take the picture to a printing shop and ask them to create postcards. These can be sent in the mail with or without envelopes. Most home printers are capable of printing on cardstock or heavy photo paper, so you could print them yourself. Your computer may even have a program to create postcards or invitations so you can type the party information instead of handwriting each invitation.

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