Homemade Decorations Using Paper

by Amy Mosher
Home decor can be made using various papers.

Home decor can be made using various papers.

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A home can be decorated in many inexpensive ways that yield high-end results. By utilizing various types of papers and a few crafting techniques, it is fairly simple to make homemade paper decorations that add charm to any home environment. The homeowner can craft items to coordinate exactly with the colors, textures and decorating scheme of the space.

Crepe Paper

Make any kind of homemade paper decorations from crepe paper. Simple crepe paper rose shapes glued to a wreath form look romantic and delicate and are a way to highlight any door or focal point in the home. Large pompom shapes hung from a ceiling add height and drama to any space and a festive touch to special occasions. Smaller tissue flowers tied around napkins create an unexpected decorative element to a table setting and add texture and color to the entire table.

Scrapbook Paper

Create easy-to-make wall art from scrapbook paper. Because scrapbook papers come in all colors and designs, they are a simple way to add visual interest to any space without spending a great deal of money. Gluing a large sheet of scrapbook paper to a foam board makes an imaginative wall accent. Hang a grouping of coordinating boards to an area above a fireplace or couch to add charm to the space. To further the look, mount scrapbook papers in a beautiful frames and display them on a wall for a do-it-yourself paper craft with style.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper decorations are a simple way to add color and texture to any space. Wrapping paper is an easy way to line drawers, to cover magazine boxes or to add visual interest to the back of bookshelves. Cut a length to make an inexpensive table runner, or cover empty vegetable cans with wrapping paper for a flower vase.

Coffee Filters

Make coffee filter DIY paper craft projects. Coffee filters are surprisingly versatile for myriad home decor items. Folding them in fourths makes them easy to add to the outside of a plain lampshade, a wreath form or a foam topiary. It is simple to thread them on a string to make a garland to decorate a mantel. Coffee filters folded into flower shapes are attractive on packages or picture frames, and they make an easy and inexpensive accent.

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