Homemade Decoration Cutouts for Halloween

by Anya Meave

Halloween cutouts allow decorators to adorn homes with ease. They are easy to hang around the home, as well as take down once the Halloween season is over. Adorn your home with homemade decoration cutouts for Halloween. Select different cutouts to decorate porches and windows, as well as the inside of the home, to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Cutout Paper Plate Pumpkin

Pumpkin cutouts add a classic touch to the home for Halloween. Paper plates are painted on both sides, and then dried for 20 minutes on each side. Two triangles are drawn in the top center of each plate, 2-inches apart from each other, to serve as the pumpkin's eyes. A third triangle is sketched in the center of each plate,1/2 inch below the eyes, for the pumpkin's nose. An illustrated half circle below the center triangle serves as pumpkin's mouth. Then, the eyes, nose and mouth are cut out of the plate with scissors. A hole is made at the top center of each plate, 1 inch below the top edge, and yarn is inserted through each hole to hang the pumpkins.

Cutout Ghost Garland

Ghost garlands are simple to make for Halloween. Four-inch bell shapes are drawn across a sheet of white construction paper to make the ghosts. Then, three 1-inch circles are sketched on a sheet of black construction paper for each ghost drawn, to use as the eyes and mouth for each ghost. Each ghost gets glued-on eyes and mouth, as well as holes on the left and right side of each with a hole puncher. White yarn through the holes allows the decorator to hang the garland in a window or porch for welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Cutout Graveyard

A homemade graveyard is a Halloween craft all family members can help make. An 11-inch-by-14-inch sheet of brown or green construction paper is cut into 3-inch-by-14-inch strips to make the graveyard's ground. The ends of each sheet are stapled together to make the ground long. Then, 6-inch tombstones are drawn on sheets of grey construction paper for each person in the home or imaginary Halloween character. The top of each tombstone holds the name, followed by the birth and death date, done with black marker or crayon. Each tombstone is cut out from the sheet of construction paper and taped to the window with 1-inch strips of tape, along with the graveyard's ground, to display the graveyard to people walking by the home.

Cutout Silhouettes

Halloween silhouettes are the classic Halloween decoration. An upside-down cereal bowl is placed over individual sheets of black construction paper as a guide for making circles for each silhouette. Each circle is cut out from the sheets of construction paper, and outlines of Halloween symbols, such as a cauldron, are drawn in the center of each circle. Then the sketches are cut out with a craft knife over a sheet of cardboard to protect the bottom surface from damage. The silhouettes are pasted over a sheet of yellow construction paper to create a dual-tone effect, and the excess yellow paper around the silhouette is trimmed off. The silhouettes show off on a door or window.

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