Homemade Costumes: Greek Gods

by Samantha Kemp
Design your costume after a Greek god.

Design your costume after a Greek god.

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Wow other guests at your next Halloween event or costume party by wearing a costume inspired by the heavens. Demonstrate your superiority by dressing as a Greek god. A simple toga and appropriate footwear begin your look. Finish the effect with accessories specific to the god you are representing.


Many Greek god costumes begin with a white toga. Make a simple toga by wrapping 4 yards of white cloth fabric around your waist and pinning it in place. Wrap the fabric around the rest of your body and throw the remaining fabric over your shoulder. Pin the fabric you throw over your shoulder at the small of your back. You can use more than 4 yards of fabric if you want more draping for your costume.


Unless the god you are modeling wore a specific style of shoes, stick with sandals for your footwear. Gladiator sandals or sandals that look like they are made from animal skin are appropriate for many costumes. Gold sandals with straps add to the grandeur of a goddess costume. If you are dressing as Hermes, your costume should be accompanied with sandals that have wings on them. You can also choose to go barefoot, if you are so bold.


Many gods in Greek mythology had long wavy hair, but you should research your god first to make sure your hair is styled similarly to the Greek god you are representing. Wear a wig in the same color and a longer length if applicable. Glitter in your hair also helps make the association with the divine god and his supernatural status. If you are going as the Greek god Poseidon, you will need to wear a blue wig.


Adorn your costume with accessories that are specific to the god you are representing. Some accessories are symbolic of the powers or personality of the god. Craft a thunderbolt out of cardboard and yellow paper for a Zeus costume. You may also want to make a fake eagle, as the eagle is Zeus' sacred animal. Poseidon should carry a trident. Wear a helmet for a Hades costume. Carry a snake-adorned staff if you are going as Hermes. Add a laurel wreath to many god costumes, including an Apollo costume.


One addition that makes a huge impact on your costume is a goddess partner. If you are going as a couple, your partner can dress in a similarly-styled goddess costume. If your partner will wear an Athena costume, she must wear armor and a gold helmet. She should also carry a shield with a paper-mache head of Medusa attached to it. Hera can accompany you if you will be wearing a Zeus costume, and should wear a gold crown and gold sandals. If you are going as Eros, have your partner play the mother role of Aphrodite. Her costume should include plenty of jewelry and she should carry a seashell and mirror. If you want to go as a sibling couple, the twins Artemis and Apollo are one option. Artemis should carry a bow and arrow.

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