Homemade Cloth Diaper Party Favors

by Tamiya King
Adding synthetic jewels to white cloth diapers makes them more visually appealing.

Adding synthetic jewels to white cloth diapers makes them more visually appealing.

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As you're putting together all the adorable decorations for your baby shower, it's important to create favors that will help your loved ones remember the occasion fondly. There are plenty of things you can do with cloth diapers to make an impressive party favor. The party's theme or color scheme can help you choose the right diaper cloth hues and inspire you to transform the cloth into a decorative craft.

Silkscreened Cloth Diapers

Take the cloth diapers to a local print shop to adorn them with a silkscreen design. The decorated diapers can also serve as invitations that will double as keepsakes for your loved ones. Include phrases like "(Baby's name) and I thank you for attending our baby shower!" Add the date of the shower on the cloth diaper. After you get the "favors" back from the print shop, add your own personal accents to them, like small silk bows in the corners or a border made of ribbon or synthetic pearls.

Jeweled Cloth Diapers

Use a hot glue gun and synthetic jewels to give the cloth diaper favors attractive color and sparkle. For instance, if bright colors like electric purple or hot pink were the main shades in the baby shower decor, use plastic jewels in these shades to adorn the border of the favors. Paint your baby's initials in the center of the cloth diaper along with the date of the baby shower.

Cloth Diaper Favor Bag

Choose cloth diapers in bright colors or bold patterns to create a small favor bag for guests. Place a handful of treats in the center of the cloth diaper, such as pastel-colored mints, trail mix or chocolate candies wrapped in paper that matches the party decor. Gather the sides of the diaper to form a small sack and tie the cloth together with a large satin or velvet ribbon. Spray the favors with glitter to make them more attractive, and hand one to each guest as she departs.

Cloth Diaper Art

If you love to draw or have a loved one who is artistic, create small works of art using cloth diapers. Purchase one small picture frame for each guest attending the baby shower. Cut the cloth diaper into squares that will fit into the frames after painting each square with the design of your choice. For instance, you can use the cloth squares to feature the baby animals that are part of your little one's nursery decor. Or paint one word that describes the emotions you feel about being a new mother: joy, love or excitement.

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