Homemade Chinese Party Decorations

by Jennifer Mullett
Chinese lanterns are a must at a Chinese-themed party.

Chinese lanterns are a must at a Chinese-themed party.

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Incorporate homemade Chinese party decorations into your party plan to create an authentic feel and set the stage for the food and drinks. Aim for a red-and-gold color scheme and use decorations both tastefully and sparingly to further the theme of the party. While you will need to make some decorations from scratch, others allow you to personalize store-bought items.

Chinese Lanterns

Embellish a string of soft white indoor lights with individually made Chinese lanterns. Look for patterns online, in craft stores or fashion your own with colored construction paper, wrapping paper or cardstock decorated with red tissue paper. Hang the string of lights over the buffet table or entryway to the party. Place one paper lantern over each bulb and tie with red ribbons or raffia. With leftover supplies, you can make a similar design to cover plain glass candle holders to be used on each table.

Origami Centerpiece

Create an origami centerpiece with individual origami flowers. Whether you choose to use all one type of flower or a mix of different kinds, twist the flowers onto floral-gauge wire, cover with green floral tape to create a "stem" and poke into a piece of floral foam. All floral supplies can be found online or in your local craft supply store. Place the finished piece onto the center of the table. An alternative is to make different origami pieces of whatever appeals to you and place them in a row down the center of the table.

Origami Hanging Decorations

Use brightly colored swatches of paper and fold many origami designs. Once finished, thread the designs, well spaced apart, onto lengths of ribbon or string. Use a thumbtack and hang the origami strings from the ceiling. Group several of them together in corners, above the table, in doorways or in the bathroom to unify the theme of the party, or hang them horizontally and tack to a wall. Use one origami design or mix it up: use several in the same color.

Other Ideas

Make a Chinese pinata for the finishing touch at the party. Use papier-mache and design a red-and-gold dragon to fill with candy. For place cards, buy mini Chinese fans and add a red-and-gold name tag to each fan. Place on a red napkin on each individual plate. Another idea for place card decorations is to tie a card to a set of chopsticks or a single piece of bamboo. Use a floral pick filled with water to keep the bamboo alive, or look for mini-bamboo plants in a small ceramic pot for each guest.

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