Homemade Bubble Bath Costumes

by Jacky Gamble
Homemade bubble bath costumes are both fun and unexpected.

Homemade bubble bath costumes are both fun and unexpected.

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For an inexpensive and unexpected look this Halloween, consider creating a homemade bubble bath costume. The costume requires little time to make, so if you are looking for a last-minute costume idea, this may be just the ticket. There are several techniques for making yourself into a human bubble bath. Additional props, such as rubber duckies, shower caps, bath towels, shampoo bottles and loofahs, can be added to any of these costumes.

Bathtub Costume

Cut out the bottom of a large plastic storage bin. Attach sturdy, wide ribbon to the bin to use as suspenders for holding up the bin. The ribbon should be the same color as the clothing you will be wearing. Wear a pink or nude-colored jumpsuit. Glue white balloons around the tub and pin some to your clothing. These become the bubbles.

Inflatable Bathtub Costume

The inflatable bathtub costume is similar to the previous costume, except that an infant inflatable bathtub is used in lieu of the plastic bin. This costume is lighter weight, and may be more suitable for children. Simply cut out the bottom of the inflatable tub, taking care not to puncture the portion of the tub that will be inflated. Attach a wide ribbon to the tub to act as suspenders and glue white balloons around the tub.

Simple Bubble Bath Costume

If wearing a bulky bathtub does not appeal to you, you may want to try this costume idea instead. Wear pink or nude-colored clothing, such as a jumpsuit or sweat suit, and a shower cap. Pin white balloons on your clothing to act as the bubbles. Carry a bath brush or other bath prop.

Alternative Bubbles

As an alternative to using white balloons as bubbles, you could also use an old sheet, tube top and pillow batting to represent a foamy bath. Sew an old white sheet to a white tube top. Apply spray-on adhesive to the top and sheet, and cover them completely with the batting.

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