Homemade Birthday Presents for a Kid's Party

by Christine LaFleur

Homemade gifts are a unique way to give something to a child that no one else will give. While some kids might only want the latest and greatest toy, there are children who delight at a gift made just for them. Knowing a little about the child's personality and interests will help you create a homemade gift you know the birthday boy or girl will love.

I Spy Bags

I Spy bags are fun for small children who love to play the I Spy game. They are fairly simple to make. You will need two pieces of fleece and one piece of clear vinyl. Cut the fleece to the dimensions you would like to make the I Spy bag. In one piece of fleece, cut a window in the middle. Cut the vinyl to the same dimension as the window and sew it into place on the fleece. Place the two pieces of fleece together and sew all around the bag, but leave an opening for the filler. Inside the bag you will want to place small, interesting objects. You can use small Christmas decorations, ribbons, paper clips or anything you want. Make a list of each item you place in the bag and attach it to the I Spy bag. Fill the bag with the filler plus enough rice or doll beads to make looking for the items a little difficult. Sew the opening closed.

Homemade Chalk

If you want a homemade gift for a child who loves arts and crafts, make chalk. To make homemade chalk, mix 1 cup plaster of Paris with 1/2 cup water. Add two tablespoons tempera paint in the color of your choice. Spoon the mixture into a toilet tissue tube lined with aluminum foil. One end of the toilet tissue tube needs to be sealed off with duct tape before you spoon the mixture in. Leave the chalk to dry overnight. You can even pour the homemade chalk into interesting molds to create unique shapes before the chalk sets. Spread petroleum jelly on the molds instead of lining with aluminum foil so the chalk will come out easily.

Handmade Dolls

Handmade dolls can become a treasured toy for a little girl. Handmade dolls can be simply made with fabric, yarn and batting. You will need to find a template for the doll's body or create your own. Use yarn for the hair and thread in the colors of your choice to embroider the eyes, nose and mouth. You also could use an old pair of gloves to make a doll.

Stuffed Animals from a Kid's Drawing

Bring a child's drawing to life by turning it into a stuffed animal. For this project you will need to use a drawing from the child that is large enough to make a stuffed animal. Cut out the drawing and trace it onto two pieces of fabric or felt using a fabric pencil. Leave a quarter inch around the drawing to allow extra room for sewing. Sew on eyes or buttons and then pin the fabric right sides together. Sew around the stuffed animal, but leave an opening for batting. Turn the animal right side out, stuff with batting and sew closed. You then can sew on limbs or other embellishments.

Easy Picture Frame

Make an easy picture frame out of craft sticks. Arrange two craft sticks, side by side, for each side of the picture frame. Leave an opening between the four sides of the frame large enough for the picture you would like to place in the frame. Use tacky glue to glue the frame together and let it dry overnight. Paint the frame any color you like and add sequins and embellishments. Glue the picture in place on the frame. You could attach a piece of yarn to hang the frame or glue a magnet on the back so the frame can be attached to the refrigerator. Put a picture of the birthday child and the gift giver in the frame to make it an even more special gift.

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