Homemade Bingo Dauber Costume

by Mary Davis

Bingo is a popular game among all ages, whether the bingo cards are filled with numbers or pictures. The game is played with either cardboard reusable cards or printed disposable paper. Bingo markers, or "daubers," make round dots to cover numbers or pictures on paper cards. Make a bingo dauber costume for adults or children to wear at Halloween or a themed party.

Cover-up Costume

Form a circle from lightweight wire that will fit to rest on the person's shoulders. Purchase a 2-yard length of one-color or multi-color polka dot fabric in 45- or 60-inch width. The width of the fabric will be the length of the costume. Cut slits in one edge along the length of the fabric. Push the fabric onto the wire circle. Twist the ends of the wire together, and pin the fabric in several places to hold the seam closed. Cut two slits just below the shoulder area so the wearer's arms can stick out. Slip the costume onto the person's shoulders and pull the fabric down as far as it will go on the body. Wear a stocking cap in a color to match a dot on the fabric. If desired, use a marker to write the words "bingo dauber" on the front of the costume.

Sweatsuit Dauber Costume

Cut 3-inch circles from several bright colors of felt. Pin the circles onto a white sweatshirt or entire sweatsuit. Have the person wear a brightly-colored hat and polka dot or bright colors of socks. If desired, draw colorful dots on old sneakers to wear as well. To distinguish that this a bingo dauber, consider pinning some paper bingo cards to several places on the costume as well.

Bingo Card and Dauber

Draw a bingo card pattern, with numbers and the word BINGO, onto a piece of poster board. Cut two holes in two of the bingo spaces for the wearer's arm to fit through the card. Poke holes along the top edge and reinforce the holes with extra poster board or sturdy tape. Tie a colorful ribbon through the holes, leaving enough slack to fit the ribbon over the wearer's neck, allowing her to wear the poster board costume comfortably. To finish the costume, the person should wear a brightly-colored long-sleeved shirt, and carry a bingo dauber of the same color in each hand for accessories. Periodically during the party or event, she can mark some spaces on the bingo card with her "dauber" arms.

Baby Bingo Dauber

Recycle a used baby bunting. Use acrylic craft paints to create colorful circles all over the bunting. Write the word "BINGO" on the front of the bunting with a black marker. Top the baby costume with a brightly-colored baby hat.

Pack of Daubers

Cut a hole for the wearer's head in the bottom of a cardboard box. Create an arm hole on each side of the box. Poke holes in the front of the box and push pieces of yarn through the holes. Use the yarn to tie bingo daubers onto the box. Use a marker to write the words, "Bingo Daubers" on the box.

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