Homemade Balloon Arches

by Jordan Whitehouse
If you can tie a string, you can create a homemade balloon arch.

If you can tie a string, you can create a homemade balloon arch.

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Balloon arches are a colorful way to add some fun and flair to your next big event. While most party planning organizations will create balloon arches for you, you can save some money by making them yourself. The materials you'll need can be found at most hardware or party supply stores, and the total cost for creating one arch will be minimal.


Homemade balloon arches are often used for events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or retirement parties. Because the arch is a fun and interesting design, you'll want to place it in an area where people will see it and enjoy it, such as at the entrance to a hall or near a podium. Arches are symbols of openings, passageways and initiations. If the event honors a certain individual, make sure that person passes through the arch at some point.


There are a couple of different ways you can create a balloon arch. The balloon arch strip is the easiest, as you'll only need balloons, a helium source to blow up the balloons, a balloon arch strip, and two weights to hold down the ends of the arch. In addition to balloons, the second method uses a string frame, a helium source, small strings from the balloons to the string frame, and weights to hold down the ends.

String Frame Method

To build a balloon arch using a string frame, you need a long piece of string whose length will depend on the size of your arch. For every foot of string, you'll need to blow up four balloons with helium. Tie the ends of four balloons together, wrap a short string around their gathered ends, and tie that short string to the longer frame string. Continue attaching groups of four balloons to the frame string until you've created your arch. Tie two weights, such as stones, to the ends of the frame string to keep it in place.

Balloon Arch Strip Method

You can purchase a balloon arch strip from your local party supply store. Make sure you purchase a strip that is big enough for your arch. Once you have your strip, blow up balloons one at a time with helium, tie them off, and then insert the tied end through the holes in the arch strip. Continue until you've filled each hole with a balloon. Some balloon arch strips come with weights attached to the ends, but if they don't you can attach weights to the ends of the strip with string or fishing wire.

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