Homemade Bachelorette Party Stuff

by Emma Rensch
Creative bachelorette party ideas can leave a memorable experience.

Creative bachelorette party ideas can leave a memorable experience.

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One of your best friends is getting married. It's one of life's most important events, and you get a chance to celebrate with your girlfriend as unmarried women one last time. Planning a bachelorette party can seem overwhelming, stressful and dauntingly expensive. Fortunately, lots of personal, creative and low-budget options exist, including homemade gifts, decorations and craft party ideas. Remember, this event is not about how much you can spend; rather, it is about having fun and congratulating the bride-to-be.

Photo Collage

Surprise the bride-to-be by contacting guests in advance and asking them to print out or make copies of photos they have taken with the bride throughout the years. Contact her parents and get baby photos from them, and ask her soon-to-be spouse to contribute some pictures as well. Surprise the bride by revealing the photos at the bachelorette party, and spend some time cutting them out and pasting them into a collage. You'll get to revisit memories of family and friends, and the bride will have a priceless keepsake to take home after the party.

Scavenger Hunt

This low-budget, homemade party game is fun and memorable when played with a group of girlfriends. Type up a list of tasks guests must complete. Plan to divide the guests into small groups, and feel free to give a special and more challenging list to the bride's team. Scavenger hunt challenges can range from naughty, such as dancing with a stranger, to benign, such as obtaining wedding congratulations from patrons at the bar or restaurant where your party takes place.

Homemade Dessert Molds

Many suppliers sell inexpensive adult- or wedding-themed plastic molds that you can use to create homemade, customized chocolates, candies, ice cubes or gelatin dessert. Purchase these molds online or at a party supply store, and melt your own chocolate or make gelatin dessert to pour into them. You can even use the molds to make gelatin shots by adding alcohol to your gelatin mixture. Surprise the bride with customized edibles at her bachelorette party without blowing your budget out of proportion.

Custom Cake

Bake and decorate a special cake that caters to the bride's interests. Write and draw on the cake with colored icing, using the bride's favorite colors and flavors. You can draw naughty adult pictures, or write something sentimental or funny, such as a recollection of an inside joke the bride shares with her friends. A homemade cake is less expensive than a dessert purchased from a bakery, and the bride is sure to appreciate the personal touch. Pushing her face into the cake after she receives it is optional.


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