Homemade Baby Wreaths

by Erin Ringwald

If you are looking for a unique gift for your next baby shower or for a way to add some pizazz to your baby's nursery, a baby wreath is the answer. Use items from the local craft store and baby store to create a wreath with a theme to match the shower or the baby's nursery. Make your own homemade baby wreath with little time and effort.


Use a Styrofoam base to create a diaper wreath. Diaper wreaths are attractive and functional, since the mother-to-be can take the diapers off and use them. To assemble the wreath, open 15 to 20 diapers, depending on the base size, and wrap them around a large Styrofoam ring. Place a rubber band around the waist of each diaper to secure it. Then, tie pieces of ribbon around the rubber bands to hide them. If desired, tie useful baby items to the wreath using the ribbons, such as pacifiers, baby spoons or small baby toys.

Baby Socks

Baby socks are the right size to create small rose buds. Roll the socks up, starting with the toe. Then, bring the ankle band over the tube you rolled to create the rosebud shape. After adjusting the placement of the folds to create a rosebud shape you are happy with, insert a piece of florist wire in the bottom of the rosebud and wrap it and the bottom the rosebud sock in florist tape. Insert the rosebuds into a pre-made wreath or cover a wreath base in rosebuds, using the florist wire to secure them. Use socks in different sizes and colors to give the mother-to-be a variety of socks to last her all year long. She can remove socks from the wreath and unroll them, as needed.


If you want a nonfunctional wreath for decoration only, use ribbons. Start by wrapping a Styrofoam ring in ribbon. Secure the ribbon in place using straight pins. Wrap pieces of ribbon around fern pins and press the pins into the ribbon-covered ring. Fern pins, which look like giant staples, are a florist tool found at the craft store or floral shops. Choose ribbons in solid colors to match the baby's room or use themed ribbon, such as Winnie the Pooh ribbon for a Pooh-themed bedroom. Attach a small plaque to the front of the wreath with the baby's name or a baby-themed phrase, such as "Sugar and Spice."

Baby Trinkets

Use small baby items to decorate a pre-made wreath from the local craft store. Use small pieces of ribbon to tie travel-sized bottles of baby shampoo, pacifiers or 4 oz. bottles. Add other decorations to the wreath, so that once the baby supplies are remove, it can still be used for decorations. For example, use ribbons and dried or silk flowers. Wreaths are available in a traditional green-leafed variety, twig or even straw. Choose the style that fits your decorating needs.

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