Homemade Baby Shower Invitations With Flowers

by Sharon Penn
Baby shower invitations can be made by hand for a unique design.

Baby shower invitations can be made by hand for a unique design.

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While it's easy to purchase baby shower invitations at a store or download an online template from the Internet, a homemade invitation can have a more personalized look. If you have an idea for a baby shower invitation with flowers and you don't see what you want, consider making them yourself. Make sure to price out the invitation so there are no surprises.

Homemade Invitation Basics

Once you decide on the design of the flower-themed baby shower invitation, make a list of the supplies you will need and figure out approximately how much the invitations will cost to make. It is also a good idea to figure out how long they will take to put together. If you are lucky enough to have friends who are willing to help out, you can save yourself some time. The cover of the invitation usually gets a lot of well-deserved attention but check to be certain that you include all the necessary information on the inside, like the date, time and location of the shower along with the name of the mom-to-be. RSVP information should also appear inside the card. Some people include registry information with the invitation. Include directions if necessary.

Lavender Flower Invitation

A lovely baby shower invitation with a "girly" feel is the lavender flower invitation. This invite features lavender card stock in letter size folded in half for the main part of the card. A curvy vine cut out of green card stock is glued onto the front of the lavender card, along with green leaves, also cut out of the green card stock paper. Lavender scrapbook flowers are held onto the green vine with brads, little decorative fasteners that poke through the paper. The look can be changed up with other flowers like daisies with yellow paper to match.

Tri-fold Bow and Flower Invitation

For a baby boy, the tri-fold baby shower invitation features light blue 12-by-12-inch card stock cut in half for the basic card. Pink card stock can be used for a girl. The card stock is folded into thirds and a strip of light green, hand-torn strip of paper is featured on the front. Sheer green ribbon emerging from two holes punched in the paper is made into a bow, and a flower cut from a three-dimensional foam block is added for a beautiful decorative effect.

Pressed Spring Flowers

Pressed spring flowers can make a lovely baby shower invitation, especially for a spring shower. The background of the card might be card stock or a spring photograph mounted on the card stock with pressed flowers pasted on top. Elements of spring like butterflies and ladybugs can appear in the photograph or digital image.

Sweet as can "Bee"

Flower and bumblebee baby shower invitations are suitable for both boys and girls. Green paper for boys and pink for girls forms the backdrop for a black square on the front of the card. Green paper leaves and flower stems are featured on the black paper along with flower stickers to complete the flowers. Bumble bee stickers mounted on thick card stock buzz around the flowers. Butterflies can be substituted for bees.

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