Homemade Baby Shower Favors With Baby Washcloths

by Jen Kim

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the special new addition to the family. Shower your guests with cute and whimsical little homemade gifts, using baby washcloths. These simple and easy-to-make presents are useful and can be personalized to fit any baby shower theme.


Make fun lollipop favors, using rolled up baby washcloths. Fold the washcloth lengthwise in half. Continue folding until it is about one-inch wide. Roll the short end of the strip to the opposite end so that it looks like a jelly roll. Tape the end of a bamboo skewer or a lollipop stick to the side of the roll. Wrap a small square of cellophane around the roll and tie with a ribbon. Keep the lollipops in a jar at the party.

Muffin Cups

Make baby washcloth cupcakes, using decorative muffin cups. Roll the washcloth lengthwise. Then jelly roll the strip into from one end to the other. Pull up the middle rolls for an elevated icing look. Tie a ribbon or a piece or yarn around the roll to keep it in place. Place the roll in a muffin cup. Arrange the muffins on a cupcake or cake tier for a pretty display idea.


Turn baby washcloths into a sweet treat. Fold the washcloth lengthwise in half. Then fold in half again. Roll the cloth into a jelly roll. Place on a large sheet of cellophane and wrap. Tape to secure. Twist the ends of the cellophane and tie with ribbon or yarn. You can also wrap the washcloth in colored mesh or nylon fabric. Keep these favors in a large glass candy bowl for guests.


Package baby washcloths in a fun little beverage container. Rolls two colored washcloths and insert in a clear plastic beverage cup with lid. The washcloths give the appearance of the drink. Insert a straw through the lid and snap onto cup. Write your guests names on the side of the cup to personalize. Tie a ribbon or a piece of yarn around the cup. Use these shakes as place markers for your guests.

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