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How to Get to the Action Levels of "Sonic the Hedgehog" in the PS3 Version

Released for the PlayStation 3 game system in 2007, "Sonic the Hedgehog" marked the 15-year anniversary of the Sonic franchise with a sprawling 3D adventure game. "Sonic the Hedgehog" was the first of this game series in which Sonic interacts with human characters, as well as the franchise favorites. The main adventure is split into two types of levels: town areas and missions. Missions are action-oriented levels where players take control of Sonic, Silver or Shadow. Towns, however, have tasks that must be completed to open new action missions.

How to Alphabetize iTunes Songs

If you are a big music fan, you may have so much music on your computer that you will need some organization to avoid having a messy workspace. ITunes, a software developed by Apple, allows you to have a music player with an interactive interface, as well as organize your music according to your needs. There are various options to organize your music, including sorting the songs by their name in alphabetical order.

Alternatives for High Speed Internet in Wright County, Minnesota

Wright County, Minnesota was established in 1855 and is home to 124,000 Minnesotans. Although Wright County is rural in nature, it still has all the modern amenities when it comes to high-speed Internet services. Local Internet service provider companies working out of the county's larger towns such as Annandale and Buffalo take into account the rural nature of the county's households and make alternative Internet accessible.

How to Get Apps on a PS3

Apps are programs that can be installed onto electronic devices such as phones, computers and video game consoles, including the PlayStation 3. Applications range from music and movie players to mini games. The PS3 includes a few applications when purchased, one of which is needed to retrieve new applications: the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Store is a program that you use to view, purchase and download games, music and applications. To install new apps to your PS3, you need an Internet connection and a PlayStation Network account.

What Is an Auto Fire Button on a PS2 Controller?

The PlayStation 2 comes standard with the Dual Shock controller, which has two joysticks, a directional pad, four face buttons and four shoulder buttons. Third-party controllers from companies like Logitech may incorporate extra features that offer advantages in certain games. One of these features is "auto fire," which is also known as turbo mode.

Availability of High-Speed Internet in Alvarado, Texas

Alvarado web surfers want the fastest service for their high-speed needs. High-speed Internet typically measures in Kbps, kilobytes per second or Mbps -- megabytes per second. One byte holds one character. One kilobyte contains 1,024 bytes while one megabyte holds 1,048,576. Two Kilobytes download a typewritten page, 2 megabytes download a high-resolution photograph. Ten kilobytes load a page from an encyclopedia, 5 megabytes, the complete works of Shakespeare, according to tech specialist and blogger James Huggins.

Available High Speed Internet in Edelstein, Illinois

Edelstein is located just north of Peoria and approximately 150 miles west of Chicago. Four companies offer both broadband and DSL high speed Internet in Edelstein: Comcast, Wild Blue, Hughesnet and AT&T.; You can find an option that fits your Internet speed needs and your budget. Not every option is available in every neighborhood in Edelstein, so check each company's website to see if its service is available at your home or office.

How to Awake the Eagle in "Angry Birds"

You just can't get past that one level in "Angry Birds." You've tried every possible angle and every strategy. However, with the December 2010 update to the iOS version, "bird flingers" can purchase the Mighty Eagle add-on by Rovio, which will destroys every pig on the screen.

How Be the Bad Guy in Red Dead Redemption

John Marston is a former outlaw and the main protagonist of "Red Dead Redemption," an action-shooter game set in the days of the Wild West. However, how removed John is from his former life of crime is completely up to the player. "Red Dead Redemption" features sandbox-style game play, which allows the player to be as heroic or as villainous as desired. Playing John with a wicked streak will not affect the main plot line, but it will send the posses and bounty hunters after you until you pay off your bounty, allow yourself to become arrested or are killed.

Bejeweled Twist Challenge Mode Help

Bejeweled Twist, released in 2008 by Popcap Games, is a variation of the popular puzzle video game Bejeweled. In the original version, players earn points by aligning gems of the same color. The Twist version enhances play by allowing players to move four gems at once (as opposed to just two in the original). Bejeweled Twist has a "challenge" mode that is particularly difficult, but you can beat it with some help.

How to Find Broadband Providers in Forney, Texas

Relocation presents tough challenges and often lots of stress. After unpacking the boxes and turning on the lights, the next step is bringing some modern amenities into your new home. In Forney, Texas, newcomers have several Internet service providers to choose from. An eastern suburb of Dallas, Forney proudly advertises its small-town values. At the same time, technology and commerce thrive in this Texas community, making it the fastest growing city in Kaufmann County. Finding broadband service in Forney should ideally require only a few minutes of your time.

How to Burn-in Your Earphones

When you purchase new headphones, you can "burn" them in, the term used to describe the parameter definitions of the headphone's diaphragm speaker construction when receiving sound. It's a known fact among enthusiasts that slightly older headphones that are worn in sound better than headphones that are new out of the box. Burning in your headphones is relatively easy and can be done by playing music through them continuously for a long period of time.

What Are the Cable Companies Available for Toronto, Ohio?

Toronto, Ohio is a small town located on the Ohio River. According to the Toronto.com website, the town was founded during the 19th century and underwent several name changes before civic leader Thomas M. Daniels suggested naming the town after the thriving Toronto, Ontario Canada. According to the 2000 U.S. census, 5,676 people call Toronto home. The town offers historic homes and buildings, scenic parks and a monument to World War I. Unique for a town of its size, Toronto residents have several options for choosing cable television, with a variety of channel packages and prices.

Cable Companies With High-Speed Internet in Tennessee

The more the Internet becomes omnipresent in society, the more high-speed access becomes a necessity rather than a mere luxury. High-bandwidth activities such as downloading and uploading media, streaming video, listening to music, and video-chatting with friends and family are best done on high-speed connections such as DSL or cable. In Tennessee, several such options exist.

Cable Options in Mineral Wells, Texas

Buying cable and Internet is a challenge when there are so many companies from which to choose. Consumers need to research all the different companies in their area to compare prices and available services. Mineral Wells, Texas has four different cable companies which customers can review and compare before making a choice.

Can You Get Comcast Internet in Piketon, Ohio?

Piketon is a town located along the Scioto River in south-central Ohio. For new residents to the town in search of high-speed Internet service or for current residents planning to switch their provider, the Comcast Corporation provides high-speed Internet service with a wide array of complimentary features such as do-it-yourself installation and comprehensive security software.

How Can I Get High Speed Internet if I Live in Vansant, Virginia?

Obtaining high speed Internet in Vansant, Virginia takes a few phone calls, but the task can be done. You are required to have an address in Vansant at the time of calling to determine whether high speed access is available in your neighborhood. Once you have an address, call one of the providers located within Vansant to enquire whether high speed Internet is available to you. Once you have selected a provider, set up an appointment to have high speed Internet installed within your home.

Can You Get High Speed Internet in Wood Heights, Missouri?

High-speed Internet in Wood Heights, Missouri, is available from two different services. Satellite Internet is provided by HughesNet, while cable Internet is provided by Comcast. There is no DSL in this small town. Each company offers specific features, such as differing speeds and Internet or computer extras.

How Can I Make My Foot Pedal Operate in iTunes?

The iTunes program plays music or videos from a library that is stored on the hard drive. To make a foot pedal control a function of iTunes, rather than pressing one of the controls, install a program that interacts between the pedal and the program's controls. A number of these free programs are available for download.