Home Energy Efficiency in Texas

by Leslie Renico
Solar panels can reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources.

Solar panels can reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources.

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With traditional sources of energy becoming scarcer, enhancing home energy efficiency is important no matter where you live. Taking the Texas climate into account, there are specific ways Texas residents can upgrade their homes' energy efficiency. Improving home energy efficiency will lessen your monthly energy bill as well as help preserve natural resources.

Energy Audit

Many Texas businesses specialize in providing homeowners with energy audits. An audit involves an analysis of your entire house, including duct work, and will yield a report on specific ways you can cut down on energy waste. These contractors will provide you with information about government rebate programs that will pay for many of the upgrades you might need.

Government Rebates

Several different government rebate programs encourage the improvement of home energy efficiency. These rebates can help you pay for new attic insulation, the installation of a radiant heat barrier and duct work improvements. Some contractors will even send in your rebate paperwork for you.

Appliance Replacement

If your air conditioning system has less than a SEER rating of 16, you will want to upgrade when it's time to replace the handler and cooler. Heat pumps, electric water heaters, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines all are available in Energy Star-certified models that will improve your energy efficiency.

Keeping the Air In (or Out)

Adding new weather stripping and sealing the gap between windows and doors and the walls around them with caulk will keep inside air where it belongs -- inside. This means that you won't be paying to cool the air outside during hot Texas summers. Gaps in duct work or around windows are a major cause of poor energy efficiency in Texas.

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