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Activities on the Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant

Activities that center on the life cycle of flowering plants teach children of all ages about a range of subjects such as plant reproduction and the role of the insect world. A child of any age can learn and understand the basic parts of a flower. For older children, plant activities can involve a range of skills such as drawing, the math involved in measuring and making growth graphs, and investigation. The plant life cycle can be used as a steppingstone to learning about animal reproduction and the food chain.

How to Attach a Back to a Stool

You can easily attach a back to a work stool or a bar stool. Many kits are available online for specific stools; however, you can design your own with a few basic materials. The materials you choose will depend on if you're looking for style or just support, but almost everything you need should be available at your closest hardware store. Be sure to measure the stool carefully before shopping to ensure you get the right materials.

Bakeries in Concord, MA

Concord, Massachusetts, is just a short jaunt from Boston. Steeped in history and charm, it's a great place for a vacation, and while you are there you can find some delicious baked goods. Whether you are looking for scones or pies made with fresh seasonal fruits, gooey cookies and brownies, cakes for a special occasion or bread baked fresh that morning, you can find it all available at the various bakeries located in Concord.

Barbecue Wedding Shower Decoration Ideas

No matter how formal a wedding is going to be, the pre-wedding showers should be slightly more casual and relaxed. A barbecue shower is ideal during the summer months. Since guests will spend the whole time in the backyard, the host doesn't even have to clean her house. This type of shower encourages every guest to slip off her shoes, pop open a drink, and celebrate the upcoming wedding in comfort.

Barrel Jigsaw Vs. Handle Jigsaw

Jigsaws help cut curves and shapes not easily negotiated by traditional saws. Standard saws do well to cut straight edges and corners, but fall short when the cut has details that require unusual cuts. The barrel and handle jigsaws denote the two designs for holding and maneuvering the tool. The barrel-handle jigsaw is for you to steer the saw with a blunt, round cylinder where the motor is kept. The handle jigsaw requires that you grip the saw on a separate, smaller handle that protrudes out above the motor.

Beaded Handmade Wind Chimes

Wind chimes, traditional decorations for a window, porch or other outdoor area, make a delightful sound on a breezy spring or summer day. Beaded handmade wind chimes provide a twist on this traditional decoration and allow artists to customize the color and sound of the wind chime. In addition to colorful decorations, beaded handmade wind chimes make unique option for a birthday or holiday gift.

Birmingham Hotels With Pets

Birmingham is the capital of Alabama and was the epicenter of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The city houses the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels in the city, but some are friendlier than others. Some allow pets to stay for free, while others charge pet owners as much as $100.

How to Blow Up an Image on a Child's Wall

Decorating your child's bedroom wall is a wonderful way to make the room special for the child. If you want to paint a mural from an existing image, it is a good idea to use a projector. Select a color scheme for the whole room before painting the mural and work with your child for a fun family project.

How to Burn Designs on Wood

Many artists create elaborate designs on wood by burning the outlines and images into the surface. The finished pieces are often sold as decorations for buildings, offices and homes. While some artists burn the designs directly into the wood freehand, artists generally use stencil burners to create the designs. Stencil burners provide precision edges for the burning design, which allows even amateurs to master the burning technique. You can create and burn designs with a stencil burner and materials found at craft stores.

Can I Receive DirectTV in New Jersey?

DirecTV offers hundreds of television channels through its nationwide satellite service. The base package features many of the same channels as cable companies as well as local channels. You can build on the base package at an additional cost, adding premium channels such as HBO and Showtime and HD channels. New Jersey residents are eligible to purchase service, but must meet several requirements.

Cape Cod Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Cape Cod, "the Cape" as it's fondly known, is characterized by endless beaches and scenic beauty symbolic of seaside vacations. The Cape Cod style is reminiscent of beach houses, focusing on white, clean lines and ocean-themed details. The style is elegant rather than festive and the small details make for a more traditional feel. Think maritime estates rather than beach party chalets. The feel of a Cape Cod kitchen can be reproduced, no matter where you live.

Card Decoration Craft

Homemade greeting cards are beautiful, crafty and far more creative than any store-bought card. Get started with making your own thoughtful cards with simple, yet artistic ideas that are friendly for any budget and use commonly available household materials. Making your own card also allows you to personalize your greeting for any occasion.

How to Care for Aucuba in Georgia

Aucuba is a type of green shrub that is often used for landscaping borders and hedges. It is native to Japan, but aucuba is an evergreen plant that can survive in a variety of places and climates. Fortunately for gardeners in Georgia, this plant does best in places where the weather is warm for most of the year. If you properly care for it, an aucuba shrub can grow to a height of 4 to 10 feet.

How to Care for Drosera Spatulata

Drosera spatulata is a carnivorous plant found throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and parts of southern Asia, China and Japan. There are alpine, subtropical and temperate varieties. Species range in size from 1 inch to 3 inches wide. Commonly known as rosette sundews, Drosera spatulata is a compact plant with cupped, spoonlike leaves covered with "tentacles" that secrete a sticky digestive enzyme. When an insect lands on a leaf, it becomes stuck and the plant's leaves slowly curl around it, trapping the insect. Ideal for beginners, Drosera spatulata will last for years with the proper care.

How to Take Care of Your Garden

Whether you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden, simply putting the plants in the ground will not ensure a healthy garden. Gardens are never finished; they need to be cared for throughout the season with regular watering, weeding and fertilizing. Caring for your garden can be a pleasant pastime on warm spring and summer days, and the beauty of the flowers and the bounty of the crops provide you with a tangible reward.

How to Care for a Hawaiian Blue Ageratum

Hawaiian Blue is a cultivar of the Ageratum houstonianum, floss flower, which is a member of the aster family. It is a low-growing annual plant that can grow between 6 to 12 inches in height and produce blue flowers once a year between May and October. It is an ideal border or mound plant for home gardens, due to its size. With the correct care, which includes proper soil, sun and irrigation, your Hawaiian blue should thrive throughout the spring, summer and early fall.

How to Care for Japanese Woodland Sedum

The Japanese woodland sedum is different from other sedum plants, which prefer dry, warm temperatures in full sun. The Japanese woodland sedum is a woodsy version of the sedum plant, and it prefers shade and moisture, just like the conditions found in a forest area. The woodland sedum plant has bright gold leaves and blooms with small golden flowers in the spring and summer. The plant remains from year to year and does not require much care after the initial planting session.

How to Care for Miniature Parade Roses

Known as parade roses, miniature roses are common houseplants, though they require much more maintenance than the average houseplant. In particular, miniature parade roses require lots of sunlight, lots of water and a lot of pest control. Parade roses feature tiny blossoms that take up little room. They bloom in the spring and summer but need a certain degree of maintenance all year long.

How to Care for a Pre-Grown Hyacinth

Hyacinth plants grow from bulbs. The plants are perennial, and grow back every fall. Blooming in early spring, between March and the beginning of May, hyacinths form large, flowering clusters. They are prized as indoor decorations because of their large blossoms and fragrant blooms. Hyacinth plants can grow in a garden bed or in a large pot. After the bulb is planted in the fall, it requires little care. However, knowing a few tricks will help the hyacinth plant remain healthy and produce large blossoms year after year.