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by Carrie Tuttle
Hollywood is the land of

Hollywood is the land of "champagne and caviar dreams."

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Hollywood, a district in Los Angeles, has long been known for its beautiful starlets and hot-bodied stars, but it is also known for its glitz and tasty food. Famous chef Wolfgang Puck started his career in West Hollywood serving wood-grilled pizza. You can easily create an inexpensive Hollywood-themed party with finger foods and drinks that make people think of the movies and Hollywood icons.

Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn is still a hit with most moviegoers. Rent a popcorn machine and give guests their own mini popcorn boxes. Allow them to fill up their boxes whenever they get low. Provide a selection of traditional and non-traditional toppings for the popcorn. Guests may like butter, salt and cheese or newer tastes like taco seasoning and cinnamon. Let your guests choose how they prefer to dress their popcorn.

Caviar Appetizers

Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous coined the phrase "champagne wishes and caviar dreams." Because of this show that chronicled the life of famous stars and athletes, many people believe that caviar is expensive and only for the rich. But you can find moderately priced caviar at your local grocery store. Impress your guests by making appetizers using caviar. Place a dollop of small cream cheese or crème fraiche on a cracker or crostini. Top it off with black, orange or red caviar.

Spago-Style Pizza

Bake gourmet pizza in the tradition of Wolfgang Puck of Spago restaurant. The chef became famous by expanding beyond the traditional pizza toppings of pepperoni and extra cheese to barbecued chicken or caramelized onions and potatoes. Top your pizza with seasonal vegetables, prosciutto and arugula or make a white pizza with truffle oil. The more creative you are with your pizza toppings, the more your pizzas will resemble those at Spago.

Starry Desserts

Represent the stars and starlets of Hollywood with special desserts. Cut out star-shaped sugar cookies using cookie cutters and then cover them with silver or gold sprinkles. The sprinkles will represent the Hollywood glitz. Or you can bake little star-shaped individual cakes and cover them with yellow or gold frosting. Smaller portions will allow guests to taste an assortment of shapes and flavors.

Specialty Drinks

Accompany your finger foods with special drinks. Mix champagne with orange juice to make mimosas or with cranberry juice and ginger for a Paris crimson. You can also serve cocktails that are named after famous Hollywood people. Shirley Temples, a combination of ginger ale, grenadine syrup and maraschino cherry can be mixed for people who don't want alcoholic drinks. Or the John Daly is a vodka-spiked version of the Arnold Palmer, a fifty- fifty mix of lemonade and tea.

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