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Things to Do New Year's Day for Small Children

Creating a family tradition for celebrating a holiday makes it special and memorable for young children. Many families participate in established activities, such as Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treating and attending religious services, on some holidays. Celebrating the New Year with young children requires more planning. Young children need food, naps and physically active periods during the day. Between those necessities, you may prepare entertaining activities that helps the child enjoy the holiday.

'50s Actress Halloween Costumes

Go retro for a glamorous Halloween costume idea. The '50s are full of beautiful and noteworthy actresses who stood out in their own way. These women would be wonderful inspiration for an inventive and unforgettable Halloween costume that will have suitors swooning on Halloween night. Go back to the elegance of a simpler time by dressing as a '50s bombshell, gamine or comedian.

Adult Halloween Events in Illinois

Halloween is a time for kids to go out trick-or-treating, carve pumpkins and wear cute costumes. However, adults can celebrate the holiday with festive activities like costume parties and haunted houses. The following is a list of events for adults to celebrate Halloween in Illinois.

Albert Einstein Kids' Costumes

Albert Einstein was a world-renowned physicist also known for his wild hair, full eyebrows and unkempt moustache. He used these to complement his sense of humor; he was often seen sticking his tongue out in photographs. Dressing your kids up as Einstein is a simple task, whether you are using a costume kit, creating your own costume or using your child's own hair.

Ben Franklin Wigs for Kids

Benjamin Franklin's likeness from his later years in life is the one that is best remembered in history: white scarf tucked in at the collar, wire-rimmed spectacles and long, white hair that framed a balding head. He was also known to wear the powdered wigs of the 18th century, which were a common fashion item for both men and women. Dressing your child up like Ben Franklin is easy and fun -- getting the hair right is the key.

How to Be a Bond Girl for Halloween

The "James Bond" movies are known just as much for the girls James encounters as for the character of James Bond himself. You can dress as a Bond girl by mastering the look and style typically used by the women in the films. Match stunning elegance with intriguing allure, and you have what it takes to be a memorable Bond girl for Halloween, whether it's trick-or-treating or a party.

How to Calculate Gas Prices in New Jersey

Gas powers not just motor vehicles, but our entire economy. The U.S. is dependent on gas to literally keep us moving. Therefore, the price of gas has a major impact on the public. Even non-drivers are affected by gas prices, since an increase in transportation costs across the board can result in price increases that impact all consumers. In New Jersey, you can perform a simple calculation to figure out the price of gas.

How to Celebrate New Year's at Home With the Wife

People celebrate the New Year in different ways. Some people can't imagine ringing in the New Year anywhere other than at a party, restaurant or club. Others prefer to stay home and watch the ball drop in Times Square on television. If your plan for the upcoming New Year is to spend the evening at home with your wife, there are several ways you can celebrate at home without becoming bored or tired and unable to make it to midnight.

Chicago Hotels for New Year's

Chicago celebrates New Year's Eve in style with New Year's Eve at Macy's on State Street; partying at Navy Pier; and fireworks displays visible from the downtown docks, penthouse suites of downtown hotels, and the Spirit of Chicago and Chicago Odyssey ships cruising the harbor at the witching hour. A number of Chicago hotels offer special New Year's Eve dinner and accommodation packages, and some even host their own New Year's Eve parties worthy of regional acclaim.

Children's Halloween Events in NYC

Halloween is fun anywhere, but if you happen to live in New York City, there are many festive activities to choose from throughout the month of October. From pumpkin picking to bat detectors to a spooky safari at the zoo, you will be able to schedule in enough activities to keep even your most energetic little ghoul satisfied. Grab your calendar and get those costumes done early to celebrate Halloween in the Big Apple with style.

Chinese Cultural Face Painting

Face painting is a celebrated art form and an integral part of China's cultural heritage. Face painting is a focal point of the colorful spectacle that is Beijing Opera, which developed in the early 19th century and has its roots in earlier provincial theater. The dramatic colors and designs used in face painting complement traditional Chinese operatic tales of legends, heroes and ghosts. These dramatic facial designs are created using paint, powders and colorings.

Chinese Firecracker Craft

Firecrackers play an important role in Chinese New Year festivities; according to ancient tradition, Chinese locals used loud, red firecrackers, lanterns and bonfires to scare the monster "Nian" away from their community. Today, strings of firecrackers are lit just before midnight to celebrate New Year's Eve in China. Next Chinese New Year, make an exciting firecracker craft with your children.

Christmas Decorations Made From Styrofoam Balls

Styrofoam balls make for versatile and economical Christmas decorations. Regardless of whether you prefer minimalist snowballs or show-stopping glitter, you can indulge your own taste and find your festive flair by making your own Styrofoam Christmas decorations. This is also a useful way to teach kids basic craft skills. invest in hard, smooth Styrofoam, as bits of it won't break off while you are working with it. You can purchase Styrofoam balls from craft stores or online merchants. .

New Year's Events in Morgantown, WV

Morgantown is set in the northern edge of West Virginia. Established along the Monongahela River, Morgantown is home to the largest college in the state, West Virginia University. The area is known as the commercial and cultural center of the county. Many local establishments offer special opportunities to celebrate New Year's.

Christmas Ideas for a Five-Year-Old Boy

For a 5-year-old boy, Christmas is a time of magic, celebration and presents. Thanks to his advanced motor development, a 5-year-old boy can develop cabin fever during the cold winter months, making Christmas activities all the more important. Celebrate his advanced coordination and expanding imagination by engaging him in Christmas activities he was previously too young to enjoy.

Christmas Ornaments Made From Recycled Materials

Instead of throwing away those old winter sweaters or Scrabble games with missing pieces, turn them into Christmas ornaments for the tree. Making ornaments from recycled materials helps the environment, entertains kids who want to help, and the crafts become one of-a-kind trinkets to use every year. These ornaments only require some cutting, gluing and pinning, so gather the children to help out.

Cleopatra Costumes for Halloween

Cleopatra was the Queen of the Nile, the last Egyptian pharaoh and a woman whose legacy has been passed down for centuries. She was known for exuding beauty and sensuality, so you will have to channel your inner diva to create your own Halloween Cleopatra costume complete with dress, makeup, jewelry and accessories.

A Cool Way to Be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween

"Alice in Wonderland" is a story written by Lewis Carroll, in which a young girl named Alice chases a rabbit into its hole and suddenly finds herself in a bizarre world of animals, mad hatters and tea parties. On the cover of the story, Alice is a young blond dressed in a knee-length pastel blue dress with a white apron. As a lot of the gregariousness of Alice's adventures in Wonderland is similar to the gregariousness of the 1920s, an "Alice in Wonderland" Halloween costume could be reinterpreted as a 1920s-style flapper.

Crafts for Robin Hood Hats

The character of Robin Hood has become a well-known hero and the regular inspiration for homemade play and Halloween costumes. His iconic green hat is well-recognized and often imitated as a craft project for its simplicity and association with the swashbuckling hero of Sherwood forest.