Hog Hunting Near Clarendon, VA

by Dan Harkins
Wild hogs often attack on sight of humans.

Wild hogs often attack on sight of humans.

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Many states like Virginia have declared feral pigs a menace to natural ecosystems and also to farmers raising livestock, so you can hunt them in any season. If you're in Clarendon, Virginia, and want to hunt some hogs, there's a few routes you can take to get as close as possible to where hogs are most often sighted.

Get Licensed

Like other states, you'll need a hunting license to use a firearm or bow in the pursuit of wild hogs. The licenses can be obtained through an online application, by phone at 866-721-6911 or in person with one of a few hundred licensing agents around the state (see Resources). A hunting license costs $18 a year for residents, $86 for nonresidents. If you want to hunt bears, deer and turkeys, you'll have to get additional authorization. If you're hunting in a state park or national forest, you'll also need the appropriate stamp on your license from a ranger.

Get Closer

If you're in Clarendon looking for a hog hunt, you will need to do some driving. Clarendon is a historical urban district in Arlington County, right next to Arlington National Cemetery. Several of the state's wildlife management areas are easily within reach, though, such as Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area in Prince William County, which is contiguous with Arlington County. Another nearby WMA is in Fauquier County, at Thompson WMA. You can sign up for an account on the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' "Find Game" website, then get a rundown of public hunting grounds nearest you. There also may be private land with feral hogs, too. You're in the Department's District 8, so contact the local office (see Resources) for detailed information about hog sightings.

Some Rules

Though feral hogs can be hunted all year-long. day or night, with no bag limit, you can't hunt anything on Sundays in Virginia. In addition, some WMAs and national forests have special hours for hunting that must be observed. Since it is illegal to release hogs into the wild in Virginia, it may be difficult to find them; however, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries tracks their existence throughout the state's public and private properties.

Play the Lottery

At False Cape State Park, a finger island at the extreme southeast corner of Virginia on the Atlantic Ocean, a deer and feral hog culling effort may provide the hog hunting you seek. Apply for the hunt through the state by August 19. In 2011, it happens October 1, 21, 28 and 29. In addition to the state park, the hog hunt extends into adjacent Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. In 2011, the two parks also hosted a special hog hunt on February 3 and 4 to further cull the species.

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