Hoedown Party Ideas

by Dayle Fraschilla
Suggest that your guest dress up in overalls and straw hats.

Suggest that your guest dress up in overalls and straw hats.

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If you are looking for a party theme that will get your guests involved, try a hoedown theme. With the right music and atmosphere, your guests will be square-dancing the night away. A hoedown party theme is appropriate for all ages. So whether your kid is celebrating a birthday party or you just want an excuse to get your friends together, get your Johnny Cash CD ready and throw down some bales of hay.


Instead of an invitation postcard, fold a red bandanna and use a safety pin to attach the party instructions. Hand them out to your intended guests. They can wear the bandannas to the party and dress up in other hoedown attire.


The music will set the mood of your hoedown. Create a CD or download MP3s of your favorite country hits to play at the party. Almost anything by Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline or Willie Nelson will work. For children, one option is John Lithgow's "Singing in the Bathtub."


A barn would be an ideal location for your hoedown, but if that's not possible you can turn any venue into the perfect hoedown spot. You'll want to fill your party place with bundles of hay and use red-checkered table cloths. You can also hang wanted posters around the room. Use pictures of your intended guests for the wanted posters. Small cacti can be used for centerpieces. Make lassos with rope and hang them as you would party streamers.


Anything made on the grill will be a welcome addition to a hoedown. Burgers, hot dogs, barbecued chicken, grilled steak and corn on the cob will all do well. Tortilla chips and salsa can be placed on all of the tables. Invite your guests to bring their best chili and have a designated taste-tester to choose the best one. Then everyone can dine on the entries.


For kids' parties, games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Duck, Duck, Goose will work well. Pony rides are another activity you can add for kids. Square-dancing lessons will be an entertaining addition for guests of all ages. Horseshoes is another game that guests of all ages will enjoy. Younger guests can play with a plastic horseshoe set, while teens and adults can play with metal horseshoes and stakes set at the regulation 40 feet apart.

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