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How to Get Into Amateur Photography

Most people who take photos for fun already qualify as amateur photographers, since the word "amateur" means non-professional. However, with the proliferation of digital technology, there has been a rise in the number of very good, self-taught amateur photographers. If you like taking photos, seem to have a knack for doing so and have money to invest in equipment you're probably on the right path to gaining this status as well. To get schooled in the photography on your own entails getting out there and taking photos and getting involved in the robust and diverse amateur photography community.

Antelope Hunting in Alberta, Canada

Antelope hunting is an adventure for beginner and seasoned hunters alike. With dwindling populations in select U.S. states, avid hunters have discovered large numbers of antelope in Alberta, Canada. Prized for their trophy-quality horns, antelope hunting has increased in popularity because of its warm hunting seasons and high probability of success.

Arizona Laws for Residents With Security Cameras

Security cameras offer protection in both the private and public sectors. Homeowners with security cameras know that even if a someone breaks into the house, they have the individual caught on camera. Public schools, restaurants, stores, and other places that are open to the public also use cameras to prevent criminal behaviors. Arizona laws on security cameras protect residents and those using the cameras.

Astrological Compatibility of Leo and Taurus

Many a lover, employee or friend wants to know what the future holds for her new partnership. While some people turn to dating profiles or lifestyle compatibility measurements, others turn to astrology. For compatibility questions, astrologers turn to the birth dates of the two people, looking especially at the relationship between the sun signs, the sign determined by the astrological month and day on which people are born.

Astronomy Science Project Ideas for Kids

The study of astronomy teaches kids all about the solar system. Planets, stars, constellations, moons and the sun each have different characteristics, so finding astronomy subjects students like is easy. Kids in different grade levels can add to or take away from these project ideas based on their age and ability.

Basics of Woodwork

Woodworking is both an enjoyable hobby and a practical pastime, especially if you're one of those individuals who likes working with your hands. Like every other pastime, however, it is not something you can just dive into and expect to master in the space of a few hours. There are several basic rules you ought to know before you start crafting your first masterpiece.

Bee Art & Science Projects for First Grade Children

Bees are extremely beneficial insects. They are vital in pollinating many species of plants and they create honey, which is both nutritious and tasty. Some species of bees do sting, however, which causes them to be feared by many children. Planning arts, crafts and science projects around bees helps children to better understand bees and to replace their fear with admiration. As early as the first grade, bee projects can be used in the classroom and at home.

Birding in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, located on the western coast of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, is the third largest seaport on the western coast of the Americas (behind Los Angeles and Panama City). Because of Mazatlan's location, just south of the Tropic of Cancer and almost directly across from the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the city experiences mild weather, which draws tourists from around the world. In addition to a rich culture, Mazatlan offers numerous activities for adults and children alike; among these activities is the fascinating art of watching birds.

Calligraphy Projects

In calligraphy, handwriting itself -- not merely the content of the words -- can be an art. Calligraphy spans centuries and continents, from ornately written Qurans in the Arab world to elegant Japanese lettering to the graceful curves and flourishes of English calligraphy. You can keep this ancient art alive by engaging in calligraphy projects yourself.

Who Was Calliope in Mythology?

"...And thus again Urania; 'On our side we trusted all to one.' Which having said, Calliope arose. Her glorious hair was bound with ivy. She attuned the chords, and chanted as she struck the sounding strings..." The quote comes from Ovid in "Metamorphoses," a Roman epic written in the first century. Calliope, Greek Muse and patron goddess of epic poetry, was immortalized through the words of classical authors such as Ovid. Mythical legend says she gave the gift of "eloquence" to kings and princes.

How to Carve PMC

Precious metal clay is a combination of precious metals, often gold or silver, suspended in a binding agent that has the same properties as modeling clay. The clay can be carved and worked in a manner similar to clay, but when the PMC is heated to the fusing temperature of the metals inside, the binding agent will burn off and the metal will be left behind. PMC must be carved after it is already dry, using carving knives, gouges and files.

How to Cast a Copy of a Miniature Figure

Casting a copy of a miniature figure is a process in two stages. First, you make a mold after the original figure using rubber or plaster. Cast a figure in the mold using plaster, rubber, resin or clay, creating several copies that you can give as gifts or a collection of figures for your home.

Castle Models for Kids to Make

Castles are enjoyable for children to build and play with. There are various wood and plastic castle models that you can purchase for your child to assemble. You can also make your own castle model with everyday items like paper and cardboard. Whether you buy a castle model or make your own depends on your energy level and creativity and the amount of money you wish to spend.

What Causes People to See Tracers?

The human eye creates an image from multiple parts. However, the brain also contributes information to the images that the eye gathers. People who experience tracers suffer from palinopsia. A tracer is an afterimage that follows an object after the eye initially sees the image. These images are often disturbing as they appear to be hallucinations or ghostly negative images of the real picture. Although the problem may seem to be with the eye, the brain is actually responsible for this rare neurological disorder.

Ceramic Clay Life Span

Clay work and ceramics can be a wonderful hobby for children and adults. Clay is a fun to work with, easy to manipulate and a relatively inexpensive creative outlet. Many clays used in ceramics and pottery will last for several years if you know how to care for and store them. When you finish a clay project and have it fired, the finished product will last indefinitely.

Ceramic Dry Brushing Technique

Bisque -- pottery after it is fired in the kiln -- is typically painted after firing. The simplest way to create realistic, engaging paintings on bisque is to use a dry-brushing painting technique. Before you begin, make sure you have the right materials handy. Many craft and pottery stores sell stiff-bristled brushes specifically used for dry brushing. Set off your creative spark with these ceramic dry brushing techniques.

Ceramic-Dough Craft

Ceramic-dough craft is a longtime favorite among craft enthusiasts. Modeling dough is the basis for a number of crafts from beading to flower making. Material preferences range from commercial brands to homemade recipes. Crafters cite texture, workability and cost among their reasons for choosing one above the other. Ceramic dough is easy to work with and holds detail well. It is also fairly sturdy when cured, which makes it an ideal material for making miniatures and jewelry.

Chemistry Experiments for Kids

Introducing children to science at an early age can spark an interest that could stay with them throughout their school years and even help shape their future aspirations. Chemistry is a branch of science that lends itself particularly well to captivating children's interest while teaching them at the same time. You can perform chemistry experiments with your children for a fun and educational activity.

Children's Science Project Using Red Apples

Science fairs give students a chance to think innovatively about science and gain hands-on exposure to concepts they've read about. Students are often encouraged to select topics they are interested in, which makes projects where they study different properties of red apples a good fit for some kids.