How to Hire Celebrities for a Birthday Party

by Tom Tennant
A celebrity guest can liven up any birthday party.

A celebrity guest can liven up any birthday party.

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The steps necessary to hire a celebrity for a birthday party appearance are much the same as hiring a celebrity for a corporate event or other function. Everything comes down to budget and timing. The greater your budget, the greater ability you will have to hire well-known talent. And as long as your event doesn't conflict with a celebrity's schedule, chances are good you can have a recognizable entertainer appear at your party.

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Step 1

Determine your budget. Celebrity appearances cost money, and the more popular the celebrity, the more you'll have to pay for his appearance. If you're hoping your favorite television star will shake hands with your guests, expect to pay thousands of dollars. For example, the booking fee range for Bill Cosby, according to All-American Talent & Celebrity Network, begins at $100,000. If you would be happy to have a local celebrity or entertainer, that price becomes much more manageable.

Step 2

Consider the celebrity's role at your party. Will they have an opportunity to speak to the group and provide humor or inspiration? If so, what message will they convey? Are they there to entertain, such as a stand-up comedian or a musician? Are they meant to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, for example, for your guests to play catch with a baseball star? You're more likely to book the celebrity you want if you provide them with the right role at your party.

Step 3

Contact a celebrity booking agent. Often, entertainers like musicians, sports figures and comedians work through booking agents. Booking agents represent celebrities and work with event and party planners to determine the best entertainer for the type of event or party. Often, booking agents are not the celebrity's professional agent, but a third-party provider who works with the professional agent to schedule a celebrity's appearance. The booking agent will work with you to determine the celebrity's schedule, availability and willingness to appear at your event.

Step 4

Book your guest. Once you've negotiated price, date and role, sign on the dotted line. It's not a bad idea to have your lawyer or other legal representation read through the contract before you accept any terms. If all looks good, finish up the paper work and start writing invitations. After all, knowing you have the perfect celebrity guest to help celebrate your birthday bash is a present in and of itself.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't expect your celebrity to be the character he or she plays on stage.
  • Consider that a celebrity guest is still a human being and will require space to prepare for his or her appearance.

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