What Is a Hipster Party?

by Megan Kelly
A hipster party is attended by young trendsetters.

A hipster party is attended by young trendsetters.

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If you see a gathering of young adults sharing vinyl records of obscure bands, passing around inexpensive cans of beer and showing off unusual fashions, you're probably bearing witness to a hipster party. Hipsters are a part of a subculture group of trendsetters that play off of irony and the rejection of mainstream ideals.

Hipster Definition

A hipster is a person who takes part in the counterculture trendsetting movements of his time, while rejecting consumerism and embracing an indie or alternative lifestyle. Hipsters tend to take part in ironic acts and fashion statements, such as wearing clothing from a secondhand shop that has origins in lifestyles that the hipster has not participated in, or listening to the mainstream music that the culture claims to reject. Some examples of this are wearing trucker hats or old, vintage cardigans. Some characteristics that are common to hipsters are that they are typically in their early- to mid-twenties and they enjoy underground film, music and art.

Hipster Roots

"Hipster" is a term that has roots in the Jazz Age. The term was coined in the early 1940s and was used to describe a person who listened to a specific style of jazz. It's exact origins are unknown, but it is believed that the term originated from the word "hop," which was a street name for opium. Others claim that the term comes from the West African word "hipi," which means, "to open one's eyes." The word is continuously used to describe people of certain countercultures.

Hipster Party

A hipster party is typically a party where self-proclaimed hipsters gather to share their common interests in music, film, art and clothing styles. For parties with people 21 and over, hipsters will often drink inexpensive alcoholic beverages. A hipster party is not unlike other types of parties, except that the main focus is on aspects of the culture that make each person a hipster, such as a fascination with memes. A meme is an idea, behavior, video, audio clip or picture that is passed from person to person within a culture through imitation.

Hipster Evolution

The evolution of the 2011 hipster includes influences from the Emo culture, scenesters and bohemian roots. Emo culture focused largely on characteristic hairstyles that covered the eyes and parts of the face with influences from goth fashion. Bohemian style is reflected in floral patterns reminiscent of the hippie era, dreadlocked hair and artistic tattoos.

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